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"Uhh..." Daniel stares at the choices. "Plant or animal? Really? Plant? Okay, even under the horrific circumstances, I'm very curious to see what kind of plant I can become."


He pressed the 'plant' button, not really planning on actually becoming a tree, but just to see what kind of options were available to him. "Heh, w-wow." His heart skipped a beat, realizing that this was all still very real, and that he was still very scared even under his wonderment.


The screen cut to a short clip of a garden of flowers, both domestic and exotic, and then to a scene of trees in the forest, all the while the narrator going on about how trees are people, just like us. It sounded like rubbish, but hey... they'd invented teleportation, why shouldn't they know what plants feel? It didn't matter anyway... he was going to game the system somehow.


He looked for a "Back" button, but it seemed there was no other choice but to continue. He couldn't change his mind! Why not!? He was just browsing, and it was a really big decision! Oh, man... this SUCKS!! He fumed, pounding the side of the moniter with his fist. The picture on the screen remained unfazed by the abuse, still happily displaying his options.


"Mnf... damnit. Well, I guess I won't have to worry about feeding myself, surviving on sunlight and all." He scrolled through several options. They were all pretty mundane - lillies, lilacs, roses, orchids, birds of paradise - except for a few synthetic breeds. Rubber plant, tentacle trap, venus human catcher? Something with the root word for 'aphrodisiac' that looked like a person shaped chamber? Wow, these people were freaks. Oh well...


Daniel shrugged, throwing his life away and pressing:

Written by Kibaoftheleaves on 24 July 2010

The end (for now)
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