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You decided to not get into it, the warring nations were outside of your control, though the mission you were sent to do was an utter failure to your pristine standards, you thought it would have been too much work to try to stop what was going to happen. Having already done enough in warning them, you decided to take your leave as early as possible, the actions you have chosen are ultimately enough to help them help themselves.
Once again choosing to run from a situation for the third time, you found yourself stuck in a type of in-between of the societies, wandering on your own as a rogue, as you didn’t feel like going back to your own kingdom was a viable option. By the time you actually did return to society, the lighthearted beating in your chest grew into an anxious flutter as you realized that the five nations had absolutely destroyed each other.
Burning in flames, not only did the other kingdoms fall, but also yours, leaving you without any choices for where you will live out the rest of your days. By the time you had realized this, everything had already been destroyed in your inaction. Living a life of running away had seemed to end badly, though you have learned your lesson, it was a bit too late.
You found yourself confused and lost, unbeknownst to you what was left in the world to invest in, causing you to fall into a deep depression before continuing your lonely travels around a descimated world. Not long after the kingdoms had fallen, so were the beautiful landscapes which you called home for the past few years. Your nomadic, life even as it was taken away from society itself, had now become impacted by the repercussions of your actions.
Growing old and feeble in your travels, one day your body just gave out on you, unable to find your way through the desolate wilderness, your story had come to an end in the most unpleasant way you could think of.

Written by Driftingdragon on 30 July 2020

The end (for now)

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