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Your arms extended and claws flexed at the end. The same occurred to your feet and you stretched your back legs. Your neck thickened and you shake your head, feeling ears move with you. Fur prickled all over your body. The once limp tail now moved with you, long and lengthy, flexible and somewhat at your will.
And suddenly, you were no longer in the dressing room surrounded by costumes.
It was a thick forest. Reminded you of the Amazon. You followed a cleared away part trashed by fallen branches and vines. The wet dirt and soil was squishing under your feet. You followed the path still and saw a few animals staring at you.
You wondered if they were like you, but none seemed to come near you… so you assumed that they were simply just animals that wandered about and lived in this environment. You shrugged your tiger shoulders the best you could for a tiger and continued on. Suddenly, you came across a note that described how you were in a new world, this would be your new life, and you’ll find a friend who will lead you to wear you’ll live.
You looked around. Would I live here? you wondered briefly. You didn’t know whether you would or wouldn’t. Sure, you were a tiger and tigers belonged in wild environments like this, but would you enjoy this? But then, how could you go back to living amongst humans normally?
Suddenly, you heard a loud hiss. From the ground, you felt a movement. You looked all around you and saw a pair of eyes staring at you. But you chose to run, refusing to stick around to see who or what they belonged to. You ran on four legs, swift and easy. You hit branches but brushed them off easily enough until you came across a clearing. You halted, and quick. The edge of the clearing led to a waterfall. You almost went over.
You breathed out a sigh, thankful that you managed to stop in time. You looked over the edge, there was a massive river streaming down below, like rapids with rough waves. You backed away. Hopefully whatever was looking at you, and was hissing much too close to you, was gone.
You glanced over your shoulder. Nothing seemed to be there.
You re-entered the forest and walked through. There has to be another opening…
“Are you lost?”
You looked to your right at the sudden voice. The newcomer looked at you with interested eyes. He looked like some kind of canine – a dingo?
He smiled. “You look like you’re lost.”
You nod in response. “I’m trying to find an exit.”
He nods. “Follow me.”
He starts and you follow. For the most part, he takes you down a part of the jungle you haven’t been to.
“How long have you been here?” he asked.
“Just got here,” you answer, “not too long ago. Ended up having to run from something.”
He looked over your shoulder with concern. “Yikes, sorry you had to go through that. That doesn’t typically happen. Sometimes. Guess it just depends on where you end.”

Written by on 02 September 2019

To the city

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