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You feel a sense of direction from the horn and look in that direction to see the unicorn walk through a door into nothingness. "Good luck" you hear in your mind as it does so.


The notifications pop up in front of you.


You have discovered your first absorb characteristic. +5 absorb xp
You have discovered your first new species. +5 absorb xp
You have discovered a new characteristic slot. +10 absorb xp
You have discovered your first mythic species. +10 absorb xp


Of course this means you also need to check the results on your screens.


Skill Name: Absorb Mana Cost: 1 Cast Time: 1 Sec(autocast)
Range: Medium XP: 30 / 100


Looking over your new characteristic the most striking thing you see is the Thumbs being in unique:humans.


Unique:Unicorn Physical: Unicorn Horn The unicorn horn will double the mana recharge rate and half the cost of healing
Unique:Human Physical:Thumbs Nothing impressive here, unless you count tool use.


"Does this mean that their are no elves or dwarfs in this game?" you ask to the open air.


Of course their is no response.


Having nowhere else to go you look around before deciding to head ...


Written by catprog on 07 April 2019


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