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Flip laid his stuff down in a heartbeat and went after all. No shouts were permitted once they
were walking under the open skies. The day was a beautiful one, bright and sunny, but it was a
dark hour for humans to be alive and breathing. Radiniris were up and about as always and
never too far away. The man’s intention wasn’t to drag her back, at least not right away but he
had to watch that she wouldn’t get too far.
The plastic fluttered between the stopped cars like a monstrous butterfly that had escaped from
the clutches of the consummation society. Whatever she wanted with it, Flip didn’t know, but
it seemed important. Maybe her mother or her brother had asked for one. Maybe she was just
being stubborn. It didn’t really matter.
She arrived at a crossroad, her gaze and her arms lifted to the sky. For a second, the man thought
that she looked like she was dancing. He had gone several time to the Sundance in his life and
had seen woman move exactly like her around the Tree of Life.
She suddenly froze and looked around. Her eyes bumped against something he couldn’t see and
they widened. Flip’s heartbeat stopped in his chest. Before he knew it, he was hiding behind a
car. He just knew he had to.
She screamed, now out of his sight, and he heard her running. Down the street, the others
vanished – all in the closest hiding place, Louis, Antoine, Marcos, all gone. Only Élodie’s small
silhouette running for her life, all alone.
Then something came for her. The Radiniri was effortlessly running, trotting even, sure of his
terrifying speed. He looked black in the sun, the light running on his midnight fur, and he was
closing on his prey. He caught her in from of the small supermarket, his hand closing around
her long dark brown hair and yanking her off her feet. Her piercing scream was in vain. Flip
knew that no one would move out of their hiding place now.

Written by Clayem on 20 April 2016

Staying hidden is the best for now.

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