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Your body feels strange, and you feel as if you're wearing some sort of heavy, uncomfortable costume. You're not sure what to do at first. You feel confused and overwhelmed, but then you hear a soft whine from outside. You get up and walk to the window, and you see a friendly-looking golden retriever standing outside.


You tentatively open the window and say hello. The retriever introduces himself as Max and explains that he's been living in this world for years. He welcomes you to this new world and offers to show you around.


You're hesitant at first, but then you realize that you don't have any other options. You accept Max's offer and climb out of the window, feeling your new body move in ways you never thought possible.


Max takes you on a tour of the neighborhood, introducing you to other dogs and showing you all of the sights and sounds of this new world. You meet dogs of all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique features and personalities.


As you walk with Max, he notices the confusion in your eyes and says, "I know this might be overwhelming for you, but you're not the first traveler from another world that we've encountered here."


You stop in your tracks, feeling relieved to know that you're not the only one. Max continues, "It's not uncommon for beings from other worlds to find themselves here, transformed into anthropomorphic canines like us. It can be a lot to take in, but you'll get used to it."


As you and Max walk down the street, you notice that some of the male dogs look at you with interest, and you begin to feel self-conscious. You're not used to this attention, and it makes you feel uncomfortable.


You look down at your chest, noticing the have multiple pairs of breasts. You feel a strange sensation in your stomach, a mix of confusion and curiosity. You've never had breasts before, and you're not sure how to feel about them.


Max notices your hesitation and guesses that you used to be male. "It's okay to feel unsure at first. Your body is different now, and it'll take some time to get used to it. You're a bitch now, and that comes with certain...advantages."


As Max mentions the word "bitch," you feel a pang of discomfort. Max notices your discomfort and quickly adds, "I know the word might have negative connotations in your world, but here, it's just a term used to refer to female anthropomorphic dogs. There's no negative connotation attached to it."


You nod, feeling a bit more at ease. Max's explanation makes sense, and you feel relieved to know that you don't have to worry about any negative connotations in this world.


As you continue your tour, you can't help but feel amazed by everything you see. The vibrant colors of the flowers, the sound of birds chirping in the distance, and the feeling of the grass under your paws - everything feels so new and exciting.


You also notice how different your senses are now. You can smell things more acutely, and the world around you seems more vivid and alive. It's a strange feeling, but you can't deny that it's exhilarating.


Max takes you to a nearby park, where you meet even more dogs. You're surprised to see dogs of all kinds, from poodles to huskies, all living together in harmony. It's a stark contrast to the world you came from, where dogs were often seen as mere pets.


As you walk around the park, you can't help but feel a sense of belonging. You're not sure how long you'll be in this world, but for now, you're content to explore and learn as much as you can.


Max notices the newfound confidence in your step and decides to ask, "Can I ask you something? What were you before you arrived in this world?"


You pause for a moment, not sure if you want to reveal your past. You take a deep breath and decide to tell him the truth.


"I used to be a human, a male human," you say.


Max frowns, "That would be a big change, especially with such large assets. But it's not uncommon in this world to go through drastic transformations. Gender changes happen about half the time, and it doesn't seem to matter what you used to be. What's important now is that you're here, and we'll help you navigate this new world as best we can."


You nod, feeling a sense of relief that Max is here to guide you through this unfamiliar terrain. Despite the many questions that still swirl around in your mind, you're grateful to have someone by your side who understands what you're going through.


Max offers a soothing voice, "Don't worry too much about your new body. It'll take some time to adjust, but soon it'll feel like second nature. Just focus on taking everything one step at a time."


You nod again, feeling grateful for Max's reassurance. You take a deep breath and try to let go of some of the anxiety that's been building inside you since your transformation. As you continue to walk through the park, you feel a sense of wonder and curiosity about this new world and the possibilities that lie ahead.


"Is there a way back to my world?" you ask Max, feeling a flicker of hope in your chest.


Max nods solemnly. "Yes, there is, but it's not an easy path. You'll need to travel through many worlds, wearing different costumes for a fortnight in each one."


Your heart sinks at the thought of such a difficult journey, but Max offers a glimmer of hope. "It's not impossible, though. I know of others who have made the journey back to their worlds. If you're determined enough, it can be done."


You consider Max's words for a moment, wondering if you have the strength and willpower to make such a journey. But for now, you decide to focus on exploring this new world and learning as much as you can about your new body and the other anthropomorphic dogs that inhabit this place.


Max gives you a reassuring pat on the back. "Don't worry too much about it now. You've got plenty of time to figure things out. For now, let's enjoy the rest of our walk and see what other wonders this world has to offer."

Written by on 30 April 2023

The end (for now)

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