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You brace yourself for what is to come and look at Ivan. "I have nothing to pay you with." You say the words tumbling out of your mouth. Ivan grins showing yellowing teeth. "Nonsense, you have that beautiful body of yours. I have a spell I have been dying to try out on someone... Just like yourself. It is a simple spell really, one that most creatures would hardly notice." He says rapidly.


Unsure of what that means you nod looking at him. "Will it hurt?" You ask, your heart racing. "No not at all." he replies and points a crooked finger at you. "Haskvurnaturas Simplicanus." He mutters his eyes glazing over and rolling back. A red beam of light shoots out and strikes you in the chest. Warmth spreads through your body as the red light rolls over you. All of your hairs stand on their end waiting for the moment to come.


Ivan turns his words into a chant and continues this mantra. Your body lifts off the ground becoming weightless. Struggle as you might you simply can not gain purchase on anything and as you flail you notice that the chanting is intensifying and parts of you are changing, spreading out, extending. If someone had been watching you it would look to them as someone had copied your body, bent it at the waist and attached it to your posterior. You struggle to look behind you only seeing what looked like your new feminine back spread out before you from where you butt used to be. Feelings from the new appendages race to form connections in your brain, each one sparking off new sensations in a rolling prickly feeling as if this part of your body had simply been asleep for some time and was just now waking up.


Your mind raced to the centaur, a mythological creature of old, but you were still human. A humataur you wonder to yourself. "What kind of magic is this?!" You yell.


"It's the best kind!" Ivan laughs as the red light vanishes. Your clothing lay about you ripped and tattered. Ivan reached behind the counter and pulled out a large blanket. "Here you are! I call that a success! Bend down for me if you would." Ivan said.


"How... How do I change back?" You ask hesitantly while bending, your new back half following your front still unused to taking new commands from your brain.


"Oh there is no changing back. That was the price, and you agreed to it. Simple, over and done." Ivan said matter of factly. "Here come get this blanket and get out of my store. Can't have you showing the world your bits with my moniker attached can we?"


Your mind is in a state of shock at the developments and you struggle to come to terms with it. You had entered the store as a man, and now leaving as a female humataur.


"Remember if you ever want to come back and purchase anything else I have loads more spells to try out. I have all sorts of odds and ends to fulfill any desire." Ivan said shoeing you out the door. Still uneasy on your four legs you stumble to the door, you notice something knocking into the backs of your old legs. Looking down you discover two breasts down there matching the ones on your torso. You toss the blanket over your new form and leave the shop.


Written by Crunchynachoes on 11 October 2018

The end (for now)
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