Marking Territory

Rating 5 / 5

The books starts off with the main character(who is now a quadruped cougar ) going to a restaurant with his girlfriend. Taking advantage of the veil to appear human.

This gets interrupted by the first plot of the book, planes are visiting the world and changing things temporarily

This leads into the second plot. He is bonded and the magic user channels to protect him, which sets back her healing back.

A cure is found but it is expensive and thus we begin the start of the book about how is he going to find enough to pay for treatment.

Things I liked include the image that is included. A cougar wearing a service dog harness clinging to the side of a homemade helicopter.

From a transformation point of view their are a few points of interest including avian transformations. Also some descriptions of the senses and other features of cougars(no idea if accurate).

From a world building perspective we learn a bit about the multiverse, the veil and the attitudes of the magic users.

We also see what happens when the Veil snaps. And also ideas of how it gets covered up (such as a natural disaster or accidental nuke)

We also learn a bit about how werewolves operate in this world(And what happens when it goes wrong)

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