Skulk (Shapeshifters of London Book 1)

Rating 4 / 5

Out of all the recent stories this is probably the best one to have a complicated world, but introduce it slowly.

To start off with all we get is a girl who is about to graffiti a school. By the end of it we have learned a lot about not only what her family life is like but also how the world of shifters work.

The main thing stopping it from being a five despite a lot of transformations is the number of characters. You lose track of who is who as they get introduced.

The main driver of the plot is a weapon has been split into five shards. Each shard is guarded by a group of a specific animal shifter. The main antagonist wants all five to for the power.

Quite a few of the secondary characters do die.

Overall a very promising start to a series, and one that I hope continues.

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