Shifters: A Samantha Reece Mystery Book 1

Rating 3 / 5

First off, the bad. It seems to get bogged down in places, not knowing what it's plot is. (possibly could do with a few more rounds of editing. Also bad is the level of secrecy around the supernatural. It seems rather inconsistent, in some cases it is a big secret while other times is seems like ever second person knows about it.

That being said the story does have it's moments, and very quickly sets up the rules for all of it's supernatural creatures

The main plot is a serial killer targeting shifters. And each time it gets more violent. Also featuring is an anti-shifter group

Another plot is the main character meting the person who changed her, although this seems more like a distraction then anything

Quite a few characters seem to be introduced,get one scene and then nothing more.

While their is romance unlike the other books I have read they do not go into detailed sex scenes which is always a positive for me

Overall, I can recommend this , and I am hopeful that this author will get better

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