Wild Children

Rating 5 / 5

This is an interesting story universe.

Their is a lot of transformations in the back story and it's affects on the society are one of the main threads of this book.

Their are six arcs in the book each dealing with a new character. Some of the threads are not resolved and provide ample opportunities for a sequel without harming the story.

The society thinks of the transformations as punishments for bad children but some see it as a blessing. With the dove-children looking like angels , it may in fact be true. This question is not answered in the story leaving you to make your own mind up.

While their is religion in this book it did not trigger my dislike like another book.

Their is also a hint that their may be an other kind of transformation in the last book with the main characters not starting out as wild children but still not quite human either.

A list of the transformations that are in this book. (in various details) Wolf,donkey,dove,phoenix,cat,stuffed-cat toy, (possibly the start of a unicorn too)

I really hope that a sequel is written, to bring some of the storyline that were started to some form of closure.

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