Best New Werewolf Tales (Vol. 1)

Rating 2 / 5

Like Part of the Family This was a good story that I hoped would set the tone for the rest of the book

Baby One of the problems with werewolf dating, is humans with wolf children. (Ok story but not to my taste)

Anniversary Adult story, really not to my taste

The virgin o'full moon falls Similar themes to Baby but a pack of werewolves. Also a bit of revenge

The trojan plushyRevenge and a plushy that turns wolf under the full moon

Jesus when the sun goes down One were the transformation is not the main plot

Three Dog Night Werwolf and animal control.

Grandma what big teeth you haveOld werewolf getting ready to go to a home for old werewolves.

Hairs and GracesThe wolf belt from myth. What does it cost to use?

Out of the lightA different style of were creatures that feed on light.

Hungry like the moon Werewolves and zombies

Unlucky moonCraigslist is being used to find prey

A taste of blood and roses Disabled veteran and his werewolf curse does not heal his human side.

Under a civil moon Werewolves in the Civil War with an unnecessary prologue.

Unleased Got confused here with who was who

Steak A werewolf story where the person loses it

Silver Anniversary Not sure what the plot is here

Buy a goat for Christmas Tank to be made into farming tools end up getting used as a weapon again

Sq 389An interesting VR setting and it's real world effects

Curse of the Full Moon: A Werewolf Anthology Reviews New Zoo

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