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Rating 5 / 5

It is interesting, one of the rules I set a year ago was the transformation had to be a major plot point. This one manages to make a 5 rating despite the transformation easily removable from the story.

The reason is very simple, the mental changes when the character is in fox from plus the enhanced senses are what I look for in the story.

Points are lost for the opening of the abusive step parents. (although manager to not kill off both parents and keep them out of the way is good). I cannot help to think of Harry Potter references for the setup but these are only minor references.

Unlike in Harry Potter however the home life does come to the school which leads to the final showdown.

For the villains at first you think it is going to be one, and then you find out it is another.

As the first book in the series it creates many questions that I hope will be answered in the series.

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