Jaguar at the Portal: A Mythological Shifter Fantasy

Rating 3 / 5

A fun read even if it transformation is only a side note.

Unlike most other shifter books this one deals with the other way. Animal to human.

Their are three main characters. We have our shifter, a vet and a trapped god.

All three change quite a bit through the story. The god learns a bit of humility. The vet learns a bit about what happened it her past.And finds out that she did not have to worry so much.

One thing that was a bit of a stretch was throwing her trackers off even though they were trained. Although later we find out he did know and was able to follow anyway

And I have to give him credit for finding out the secret and not letting them know that he did.

A sequel featuring some of the characters is apparently coming and I think I will read it.

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