No Choice

Rating 5 / 5

Before getting into the main part of the story I must mention that their is a rape scene (although only a few pages and I skipped it)

The main part of the story starts with a police women being filmed as part of a reality show. This is pretty much only so the shift is can be filmed. I am not sure the way the incident was being handled was proper police procedure but I don't know.

Most of the story is dealing with the changes and on this point the way the rest of the world is shown to be dealing with is quite clever. At the start of each chapter an article or transcript is posted.

Transformation wise their is a lot done with the different mindsets between the animal and human forms.

The main part of the story is how society and the people are adjusting to the change. Obviously some people react poorly to the situation

The final conflict is when the main character and a bunch of kids are kidnapped to be sold. This is where the rape scene is. Their is a slight lucky coincidence here that does lead to the rescue but probably should of led to a rescue much earlier

Overall I enjoyed most of the story especially the transformation aspect. Other parts I am not a fan of . Overall it could be a lack of good books lately but this one I rate a 5

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