Blue Moon

Rating 4 / 5

First up one of the only negative that kept it from being a 5, is one of the characters keeps getting refereed to as a were-(species name) (profession). Each time this happened it took me slightly out of the book. Also it is not a common species so that may be part of the problem. Another negative was a scene were it was a bit confusing in trying to keep track of the fight.

Other then that , I very much enjoyed the story. Normally I don't like books that have a lot of characters but this one has a large cast but each one is able to be told apart. From my recollection their are ten characters who drive the plot along with the supporting characters for each of them

Plot wise ,it is pretty much a standard private detective story, but it serves the purpose of keeping you reading.

One thing I liked was what happens when one of the characters is stuck in were form and runs into a furry convention.

The character development is interesting, in that it is the supporting main charters who get the most of the development.

The transformations are good, no overly long descriptions of the change, but a good amount of exploring the effects

I can highly recommend this book unlike so many for the last few months

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