The 13th Floor Complete Collection

Rating 3 / 5

Most of the stories only have transformation as a side point. And most of them go over the same ground. But they kept me entertained and were well written.

The werewolf story was disappointing in that it went over the same ground as almost every werewolf story

The dragonslayer one was disappointing in that the shifter was only an enemy and we did not see their motives much.

The harpy story I think was the best of the bunch in that the romance did not feel forced and they earned their ending

The next one was not my favorite in that the entire plot could of been avoided if the truth was just told in the first place

The others did not have any transformations of note.

Overall while intersecting story-lines were a neat idea they did not really interact with each other

Overall for some new ideas and a good read I give it a 3

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