Shifting Tails

Rating 3 / 5

Their last cave trip (3.5)

What happens when the transformation is in a inconvenient place

Fin Problems (4)

Reality shift with the transformation as an event in history. I like this kind of shift more then the one where the transformation is just part of the shift. Also good is the shift takes time and is not over in one day. And good too see the adaptions that occur.


An interesting idea that could do with some expanding. I have some ideas about what caused it, (Especially with the title)

New World Harmony(2)

This one I think the transformation has no real effect on the story. Everything after the tf is the same but with a different species.

Lost and Found(2)

I think this one is probably the weakest of the lot. It is much longer then the rest and seems to be, change happens, invest with future knowledge, deal with it, next change.

This is probably the first tf book where a character changing species is a negative story wise. Also the characters did not seem to have much characteristics before the change

Weights and Scales(4)

Make sure you know what your spells do.

On a technical issue their is no list of chapters for easy navigation between stories.

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