KYMIERA (Season Book 1)

Rating 2 / 5

The story starts of with the world building of the transformation virus. Unlike the rest of the story this is not a good one. The virus appears to randomly choose bits of other things to attach.

The main plot however appears to be the result of a scientist experimenting with controlled additions. The timeline appears to be from before the apocalypse of the virus.

The main teenage characters are his experiments grown up. The corporation is trying to kidnap them before the group who is trying to wipe the virus out finds them

Personally while I can see merit in each scene individually I think the story is too long

Transformation wise, this is decent. The changes come in slowly and then the changed dealing with them

Overall I would like the story to be cut down but this is a weak recommendation story,/p>

A Wind in Cairo Reviews Moon Magic: Six-book Starter Library

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