Tales of Kitsune

Rating 3 / 5

While their are more stories then just the ones focused on transformations this review will just be on the transformation stories(and one non transformation one). Each individual story would be a 4 or 5 but from a transformation point of view overall the rating is low, due to a large amount of non transformation stories.

The first is intervention. This is an interesting one in that their are a number of plots twists despite it being short.

The second is Dance of the fox. I liked this one in that the external changes were only a reflection of the internal changes. It also shows why you should be careful about when someone offers a deal, to make sure you understand all that you are giving away.

The third is The fox Samaritan. What happens when someone who is religious is turned into something that their teaching say it probably a demon.

The fourth is Destiny. This one is notable in that normally in this sort of story the transformation usually comes with a change of life. This one however does not, it is up to the character to change it. One thing I was expecting but did not come up was them to be marked on a moral choice they made during the exam.

Finally the last story which is not transformation but I enjoyed anyway was the final story. A robotic mission is sent to Mars and then earth collapsed. A century later a follow mission is launched. They find the robots are true AI and have modeled themselves on kitsune.

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