Missy the Werecat

Rating 3 / 5

The first few chapters were not great and could do with editing. For instance a few groups of characters are introduced and only have one scene, others a few more

The later chapters though, that is where the story gets good.

After a few scenes I am wondering if the cat nature is coming out in human form

Things I liked about it, is real world issues. For instance when you disappear to try and control the transformations , their are groups formed to find you. Also when you have accelerated healing it shows up in the x-rays of bone.

I also liked how their is departments that handle the supernatural in the government rather then them being completely unaware

I skipped one scene for personal taste. (sex). But that did not distract from the rest of the story

Overall I really wanted to give this book a 4 or even possibly a 5. The editing issues and the single scene combined to bring it down to 3

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