Perspective Flip

Rating 4 / 5

Here are my thoughts on each of the stories

The treasure of Jardin's Island

A bad start to the collection. I had trouble keeping telling the three main characters apart and the transformation itself seems to have no real plot effect

A Walk in the Park

This is a much better story. Notable for the subtle effects before the main effect. The tg part though seems like it just happened to occur.

A Family Tradition

A decent story. Inherited curse , that is interesting and a guy introducing his wife to the curse. (I seem to recall a similar story with a different species though)

Vixen Visitor

This one is a story that was written for my site. I feel I should probably leave reviews to other people for this one

Stripes of Justice

This is probably the hardest story to classify. Imagine every single anime in the same world. Many story lines collide and the main character bounces between them. Fun so long as you don't take it seriously


A story that is based on a video game. This one is probably the only one where the tg feels more then jsut an addon(Vixen Visitor does not count for reasons in it's review). Their are logical reasons why the tg happens. (and the tf as well).

Safari Swap

Mad science that the Main character gets caught up in. Also good play of perspectives in the set up.

Doom of the Pun-Mage

Puns but not much story

Island Tail

When their is a deal make sure you check out all the specifics. For instance if the species has a lot of males, their might be a good reason why they want you to join the species.

The Doe Festival

An interesting world that could do a bit with. And reading the hunt I am not quite sure they are correct when they say destiny is to keep them apart. (Also the rules of their magic meant the conclusion was able to be seen if you thought about it)

Turning Back

No actual transformation here, just a story about two people in a world where transformation is possible, but in some countries not allowed

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