Sunset of Furmankind

Rating 4 / 5

The biggest problem I have with this story is even if you include the sequel their is not enough. And with the author retiring their is not going to be more

The second problem is their is a lot of telling and not showing during the story. IT may possibly have benefited by another round of editing.

It may be more furry then transformation too, even given the premise

If you can forgive these problems I can recommend this book

Their are a lot of characters but for the most part you can keep track of them in your mind

Plot: Human catches his wife cheating on him. Kills the other one and chooses to takes his place as an anthro in a program to colonize other planets instead of the death penalty

The future society tech is believable with a few shout-outs to people working on space tech today.

Their are a couple of deaths, and their is a bit of dislike for the volunteers who undergo the process and this is believable.

The main charter's journey is the main focus and it is an interesting perspective on transformation and it's the effects on the person's point of view

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