Expecting Fur: Tales of Transformation

Rating 3 / 5

A common thread I see in these stories is the person adjusting quite quickly(in story terms). Whether it is due to the magic or otherwise their does not seem to be much conflict in the stories

That being said after quite a few disappointing weeks, these stories are a relief.

I think my favorite stories in the collection are "What happens in Vegas" amd "Mother of Invention".

Both stories have the triggering events something the characters did. The second does not have a quite so "this will let off magic" trigger, what they do after makes the story for me.

The first story is good because it shows the characters before the change. This makes us know what they are like and we see the difference.

My least favorite is "Meet Someone New" only because (Spoiler: Their is no resolution, who ever has done it gets away with it)

Out of the other two "On the Edge" is probably the better one. While it is a native vs non-native story, it is still good. And it is not just TFTG like the rest of the stories but has something more as well.

"Blossom Spa" is pretty much just a slow-tf that does not offer any surprises.

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