Selkie (Worlds Of Transformation)

Rating 4 / 5

First of as far as I can tell this story does not fit into the same world as the previous world of transformation story

A very clever piece of world-building that I want to see more stories in.

We start of with our main character who is changed into a seal and sold to a circus.

At first when she tries to write to communicate we think the circus trainer is not on her side but we find out he contacts selkies.

This is where the world building really kicks into gear as we find a lot about the world.

Finally she ends up getting even with one of the people who changed her and making a deal with the others

I really liked the world building aspects of this story. Dealing with the after affects of magic along with the return of magical creatures.

While enjoyable and a very good story. I felt one of the characters got off lightly even if it made sense in the story.

I hope that the authors write more in this world.

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