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6:286 Different(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Mon 29th May 2017

When Daniel sneezed, the sound that came out from him even sounded so ladylike, it gave him the chil

1:1162 Treasure Box(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Sun 28th May 2017

"God... Fuck.... I don't know...." You take in a shuddering breath. The pads of your paws are star

2:1075 In the forest(Male)  by Rivaxorus on Sat 27th May 2017

This first portion of the forest seemed so eerie. The trees blocked out most of the sunlight as you

4:226 To the Noise(Male) (Female) by Snore23 on Sat 27th May 2017

With a mighty leap, he jumped off the building into a nearby tree, sliding down the trunk onto the g

2:1065 To the Outskirts(Male) (Female) by MaxtheRaccoon on Fri 26th May 2017

After walking into busy intersections, weaving through crowds, and finding your way to the outskirts

6:318 Get Dressed(Male) (Female) by foxyscribe on Thu 25th May 2017

Dan sighed slightly, this was all so weird. Why did her mother not find it strange she was a skunk?

6:285 Accusation(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Thu 25th May 2017

“I don’t believe your bullcrap for even a moment, Daniel. You know what, I think you did this on

1:1161 Sneak out(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Wed 24th May 2017

"We have to wait until morning, no sense leaving at night. It'll be a slaughter..."

"Yes, but i

2:1074 Stay a couple of days(Male)  by Rivaxorus on Tue 23rd May 2017

Back to the group it seemed like all of them were starting to stir. You smiled for a moment and went

4:225 Examination(Male) (Female) by Snore23 on Tue 23rd May 2017

After an hour’s examination and thought he determined three things had happened: One; that his bod

2:1064 A friend from outside?(Male) (Female) by MaxtheRaccoon on Mon 22nd May 2017

You begin to back away from the old raccoon, unsure of his intentions. He reaches out and grabs a l

6:317 BEEP BEEP BEEP(Male) (Female) by foxyscribe on Sun 21st May 2017

Dan Bolted upright as her alarm suddenly awoke her from the weird dream, well, she tried to bolt u

6:309 A new life?(Male) (Female) by monochromecheshire on Sat 20th May 2017

Her skin eased to a light grey color, the flesh of her now much smaller body fairly smooth. Her no r

6:284 Unicorn(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Sat 20th May 2017

“Woah, what is this? I can’t believe it! A unicorn! Where did she come from?” Jake, like David

1:1160 Biology(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Fri 19th May 2017

"Were you able to find food?"

"Food?" You echo back, realizing that it had been the least of ever

2:1073 Climb the hill(Male)  by Rivaxorus on Thu 18th May 2017

As you woke up, it was a sudden snap at your attention. Eyes suddenly shooting open and your head ra

4:224 Corsica(Male) (Female) by Snore23 on Thu 18th May 2017

Stepping out of the doorway, he blinked in surprise. The entire costume shop was gone. Not a rack or

2:1063 Run(Male) (Female) by MaxtheRaccoon on Wed 17th May 2017

You look to your left and to your right, taking note of the large security raccoons by the front and

6:316 Not Finished(Male) (Female) by foxyscribe on Tue 16th May 2017

Dan groaned slightly as she tried to get to her feet. Coordinating her body did not seem to be as ha

6:308 The Change(Male) (Female) by monochromecheshire on Tue 16th May 2017

However, as he did so, Daniel took notice of a strange feeling of numbness beginning to take over hi

6:283 Cry for Help(Male) (Female) by catprog on Mon 15th May 2017

“What’s that thing? A horse?” David tried to wave the creature away.

Her fur was white with

1:1159 Zared(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Sun 14th May 2017

Suddenly, the blackness starts to falter. You begin to see more of the defined pixels appearing, dot

2:1072 “Just wandering around I guess..”(Male)  by Rivaxorus on Sat 13th May 2017

“Just wandering around I guess..” You finally decide to say as she looked at you a little quizzi

4:223 Cheetah (Male) (Female) by Snore23 on Sat 13th May 2017

She looked thoughtfully at him. “You seem a man of some speed.” She said slowly.

Paul felt a

2:1062 Department Store(Male) (Female) by MaxtheRaccoon on Fri 12th May 2017

You peer out into the hall and twitch your small ears. Everything looks exactly as it did when you e

6:315 Is that everything?(Male) (Female) by foxyscribe on Thu 11th May 2017

Pammy looked at him blankly “Is that everything?”

Dan shook her head slightly, wasn’t this

6:307 Run Out(Male) (Female) by monochromecheshire on Thu 11th May 2017

Gassan in particular was sitting, his head snapping up in surprise as he spotted Daniel, his eyes wi

6:282 Rendezvous(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Wed 10th May 2017

Daniel was in the middle of making a turn back toward the main hallway, when he suddenly saw somethi

2:1060 Get up(Male)  by Pandachannnnn on Tue 09th May 2017

You don’t want to eavesdrop. It is too rude, and you wouldn’t want anyone to do so to you. You h

1:1158 Respawing(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Tue 09th May 2017

A dark screen fades across your entire mind. In a normal situation, a non-mutated experiment of a si

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