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1:1132 As The Weeks Go On(Male) (Female) by ShatteredBeginnings on Tue 21st February 2017

As the weeks go on your mate brings you food to keep you going strong. Finally the first day for the

6:219 Something happens on shore(Male) (Female) by Arbon on Mon 20th February 2017

“So uh …” Daniel starts, a bit awkwardly. “This trip is an annual thing for you? Does that

6:192 An explanation(Male) (Female) by Ashley-natter on Sun 19th February 2017

He then proceeded to explain that the cycle had finally turned; He knew the Change had come at last,

6:209 Back into the room(Male) (Female) by lulu-illussions on Sat 18th February 2017

Feeling rush of relief, Daniel stepped into the corridor. It looked like the one with the stairs and

6:262 Danielle?(Male) (Female) by Serathin on Fri 17th February 2017

"Well if you're fine we should probably get back to the festivities," the blue dragon said as he tur

6:251 The next day(Male) (Female) by skiesofsilver on Thu 16th February 2017


Daniel awoke, muttering to him as he wrapped his blanket closer around him.


2:1050 To the right(Male)  by Pandachannnnn on Wed 15th February 2017

You’re not sure if running into their village is the best idea, but you know for sure that running

1:1143 Trying to build(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Tue 14th February 2017

And so introductions would go, trying to help anyone new settle into the strange four-legged form fa

1:1131 The Kits Arrive(Male) (Female) by ShatteredBeginnings on Mon 13th February 2017

When the beginning of summer comes so do your little ones. You give birth to two healthy kits, a boy

6:179 The water is fine.(Male) (Female) by Arbon on Sun 12th February 2017

“How about this, I’ve just spent over half the day in an intensive strenuous workout of every pa

6:191 Your Destination(Male) (Female) by Ashley-natter on Sat 11th February 2017

Before you can catch him however all of you are called towards a small clearing in the middle of a p

6:208 Smash the mirror(Male) (Female) by lulu-illussions on Fri 10th February 2017

Daniel turned to the door and banged the free hand against it. “OPEN!” he screamed. He didn´t w

6:261 A dragon(Male) (Female) by Serathin on Thu 09th February 2017

"A dragon, yes," the reptilian creature finished Daniel's sentence as it sat on its hind legs and ru

6:249 Back at home(Male) (Female) by skiesofsilver on Wed 08th February 2017

Daniel awoke not screaming, surprised, or shocked, but in a relative haze as he yawned,one arm lifti

1:1142 Newcommer(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Mon 06th February 2017

Beginning to learn and adapt to the strange form of the feline and human hybrid creature you'd bec

1:1130 Have Kits With Your Mate(Male) (Female) by ShatteredBeginnings on Sun 05th February 2017

When mating season rolls around you are ready, and without further ado you and your mate proceed wit

6:178 Time to go swimming(Male) (Female) by Arbon on Sat 04th February 2017

“I can put on Star hike if you want.” Keth suggests with a grin. “Ugh that show is such a

6:190 Outside(Male) (Female) by Ashley-natter on Fri 03rd February 2017

You jump through the window, amazed at how you managed to so easily squeeze trough the small frame o

6:207 Eight minutes before midnight.(Male) (Female) by lulu-illussions on Thu 02nd February 2017

Nothing happened, just the LED lights over his head cracked with the electricity. Daniel quickly loo

6:177 Spot an Angel with a fishing pole.(Male) (Female) by Arbon on Wed 01st February 2017

A solid ten minutes passed before Daniel was actually free to leave, when the first person asked for

6:189 Game Crash(Male) (Female) by Ashley-natter on Tue 31st January 2017

You see yourself reflected in the computer screen. Your eyes are bulged out, unnaturally golden like

6:206 An empty room(Male) (Female) by lulu-illussions on Sun 29th January 2017

Then he noticed that the room behind him was still as empty as when he entered it. Daniel turned aro

6:260 Call for help(Male) (Female) by Serathin on Sat 28th January 2017

"Someone help!" he shouted in vain as he began to run towards the abort switch, only to feel his mom

6:248 To Area 50(Male) (Female) by skiesofsilver on Fri 27th January 2017

He took the low trail towards Area 50. It was gravelly and shrouded by nearby trees, but he hardly c

2:1049 Run for it(Male)  by Pandachannnnn on Thu 26th January 2017

You decide that making a run for it is the best idea. You’re not sure what this old wolf wants fro

6:250 A reveal(Male) (Female) by FluffyPony on Wed 25th January 2017

Night knew what he was supposed to do, after thinking about the vision for a bit with all of those s

1:1141 Tools(Male) (Female) by Picklessauce69 on Tue 24th January 2017

"Let's see!" With a sudden, hard yank they lifted the hefty lid of the trunk up to reveal a single

1:1129 Go See The Male Fox(Male) (Female) by ShatteredBeginnings on Sun 22nd January 2017

After making sure that your den is the way you want it you decide the next step is definitely find a

1:1123 Class(Evoker)(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Sat 21st January 2017

As soon as you press the button for the simple red robes and stick-like wand, the entire world is pl

1:1117 Thank the pixie(Male) (Female) by Elliott-Moose on Fri 20th January 2017

Thank you,” you say to the pixie, who blushes and fidgets a little with her oak-leaf dress. You ca

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