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2:1188 Break free(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Sun 22nd October 2017

You kick him hard and break free, but that doesn’t deter Tal in the slightest, he runs and pounces

1:1232 Find A Trainer(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Sat 21st October 2017

Every student needs a good teacher, especially a student of magic. You could glean more from these a

1:1214 In the cell(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Sat 21st October 2017

You're roughly thrown into a small cell and you curl up in the corner. It's not as cold in there as

2:1187 Pounce(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Fri 20th October 2017

You pounce at Tal with great ferocity, but the tiger-man twists and dodges. Just as you turn around

1:1231 Enter The Main Library(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Fri 20th October 2017

As you exit the room you’re greeted by dozens of book filled shelves on either side of you. Judgin

1:1213 Caught(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Thu 19th October 2017

You're by the city now, and you stop. You can't just run in there, they'll shoot you too. Large boot

2:1186 Tell him your name(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Thu 19th October 2017

You tell the tiger man your name, he does not seem moved by the masculine-sounding name. you continu

1:1235 Begin Quest(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Wed 18th October 2017

You step outside the church, full of divine power and divine purpose. You are going to rid the world

1:1212 Follow Him(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Wed 18th October 2017

You feel him stir awake, and get up. Keeping your eyes closed and your breathing heavy, you pretend

2:1185 Why are you here?(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Tue 17th October 2017

“Who are you, and why are you here?” You ask him, showing your teeth.

“Why does it matter?

1:1230 Guard The Royal Reception(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Tue 17th October 2017

“Make sure your armor is extra clean and polished for that one.” The trainer informs you as you

1:1211 He hunts alone(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Tue 17th October 2017

You watch as the young man by your side grows weaker, loses weight, and his usually attentive eyes t

2:1184 Growl(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Mon 16th October 2017

You find yourself snarling as you approach him, demanding of him to leave at once.

“so that’s

1:1229 Assist the City Watch: Nighttime(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Mon 16th October 2017

“We are an extension of the kingdom and enforce its laws, but generally we stay out of the way of

1:1210 Stay together for a while(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Sun 15th October 2017

You don't talk, but he follows you as you continue your journey through the forest. You don't know w

2:1183 What’s that sound?(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Sun 15th October 2017

ou turn to see another large figure - human in shape – Tall, burly, strong, masculine, whiskered a

1:1228 Guard the King And Queen, Daytime(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Sat 14th October 2017

The trainer shakes her head as the confused look you have when you take this job. “Trust me; it’

1:1209 Treat(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Sat 14th October 2017

Hesitantly you near him, wanting to inspect the injury, but as you get close his eyes open. They fla

4:258 Costumeverse People(Male) (Female) by Catprog on Sat 14th October 2017

People in the costumeverse

8:80 Lion(Male) (Female) by GoldenAltaira on Fri 13th October 2017

John regained himself and looked at the other two, their eyes on him widening. John took a moment to

2:1182 Return to the lizard carcass(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Fri 13th October 2017

The lizard has already been eaten bone dry. In desperation you gnaw the bones, you can’t help but

1:1227 City Patrol, Daytime(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Thu 12th October 2017

“Interested in getting to know the civilians better?” Your trainer asks as you pick this job.

1:1208 A Person(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Thu 12th October 2017

Someone is lying close to you, their breathing is heavy. For a second you think it's Enja, that you'

8:79 Attack(Male) (Female) by GoldenAltaira on Wed 11th October 2017

“I will not go back into that forsaken, beast infested, death trap.” John growled. “And we wil

2:1181 Who are you calling a murderer?(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Wed 11th October 2017

The elephant woman stops to give you a glare of death. “You are a tigress, are you not? You chose

1:1226 Take An Assignment(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Tue 10th October 2017

You’re sure the knight will get it eventually, and you were already humiliated enough by a non-liv

1:1207 Search until water is found(Male) (Female) by AnxiousRomeo on Tue 10th October 2017

where you're going, you're just hoping to find a lake somewhere, a stream, or just a water puddle. S

8:78 Fight(Male) (Female) by GoldenAltaira on Tue 10th October 2017

“STONE!” He was now practically in Mark's face. “I found a stone too when this happened! Wha

2:1180 Says who?(Male) (Female) by PrinceZahn on Mon 09th October 2017

“Who are you to decide who I can and can’t hunt, **?” the sharp words spit out of your mouth i

1:1225 Joust(Male) (Female) by LunaMoonstone on Mon 09th October 2017

“That dummy wasn’t abuse enough for you, I see.” The trainer notices your attention on the jou

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