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8:131 Pick up(Male)(Female) by catprog on Sun 09th December 2018

Walking towards the light you see it coming from a depression.

Leaning down you brush the dirt aw

8:130 Not Well(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Sat 30th June 2018

I look to the hand. There are now four fingers that are capped from tip to the first knuckle with…

8:129 Vicki(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Thu 28th June 2018

He looks up at me with a quizzical look. “What are you talking about? It’s me, Vicki.”

I sa

8:128 In the Morning(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Wed 27th June 2018

I nod then consume. I am incredibly hungry, so I eat more slobbish than I normally do. I quic

8:127 Bunny(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Mon 25th June 2018

An hour passes when finally, a bunny hops along. Vicki and I hold our breaths in wait to see if it

8:126 Trapping(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Fri 22nd June 2018

The sun has lowered and hovers just above the canopy. The tent is seat and some large rocks have

8:122 Mount(Male)(Female) by catprog on Thu 21st June 2018

Marcus reads it out aloud

"Congratulations on finding the sphinx mount. She will serve you well."

8:125 Friendly(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Mon 18th June 2018

She turns sharply and seems to light up when she notices me.

“Oh, thank god

8:124 Beach(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Wed 13th June 2018

From my drop I saw that I hadn’t landed far from the beach, I suppose that is where I’ll go

8:123 Plane(Male)(Female) by Nero Hopps on Thu 07th June 2018

I am standing in a plane, soaring high above the ever-stretching ocean. Bounding waves s

8:121 "Nope..." and punishment(Male)(Female) by catprog on Tue 05th June 2018

The sound of a buzzer fills the air.

"I guess that is a no" Marcus says before turning to look ba

8:119 Female skunk sphinx(Male)(Female) by catprog on Mon 04th June 2018

Having nothing better to go on you pick one that looks at least partially human.

Once you have ma

8:120 "Are you still you?"(Male)(Female) by catprog on Wed 09th May 2018

"Are you still in their?" He asks.

"I think so..." you say your tail flicking in annoyance. "That

8:118 Walk away(Male)(Female) by catprog on Tue 08th May 2018

First a barrier and then a weird light. Better to get away from it.

You turn around and get out o

8:102 See someone!(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Sun 29th April 2018

In the distance on the beaches, you see someone had risen a rather large and notable flag pole. Yo

8:93 Blame him for the transformation.(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Mon 23rd April 2018

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" You boom as you stand all 4 of your feet, examining them as you walk around. Marc

8:92 Say yes the water turns you into a sphinx!(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Tue 17th April 2018

You look at Marcus with unsure eyes before looking down at the canteen. You are not sure what to thi

8:91 Say yes, the water makes you even more feminine.(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Thu 12th April 2018

"Alright..." you say as you ready your canteen, Marcus watching you eagerly as you look at him. He

8:116 Ground Zero(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Fri 30th March 2018

“Jamie…your eyes…they’re turning yellow. Just tell me, how do you feel?” “…hungry…

8:117 An Alternative to Escape(Male)(Female) by catprog on Sat 24th March 2018

You could always make him your own

“No, we are getting out of here?” she says out loud.


8:115 More Instincts(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Sun 18th March 2018

Jamie shook her head, just in time to watch Steve begin to slide down to reach the water, as the tig

8:114 Instincts(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Tue 13th March 2018

The problem was, even if there was no means to remove this…form…Jamie felt she could stick with

8:113 Morning(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Sat 03rd March 2018

Another fish was speared and tugged from the water; Jamie pulled the still wiggling trout and impale

8:101 You decide to get a view of the isle.(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Tue 27th February 2018

"Where are you going?" Jen asks you as you begin climbing the tallest rocks you can find. You climb

8:112 Planing(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Fri 23rd February 2018

“…so, when do we leave?” “Tomorrow morning; it’ll be too dark to travel soon, and we’ll

8:100 You try to interact and fix the thing(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Tue 20th February 2018

"Well... since Im pretty sure this isn't just the producer playing a hoax on us." You say, being the

8:111 Map Information(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Wed 14th February 2018

“So, what you’re saying…is we’re fucked?” Jamie had a hard time sitting with her new lower

8:99 You investigate it(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Mon 12th February 2018

"Alright..." Marcus says. "I do not know WHAT she did or pressed, but to cause such an overload and

8:110 Attack(Male)(Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Mon 05th February 2018

The creature that showed up was…well fucked; it looked like a bipedal black panther, but with huma

8:98 They believe you.(Male)(Female) by Luksinatriks on Sun 04th February 2018

"So... that... happened?" Eve said, trying to break the suspense. Things are immensely awkward betwe