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7:40 The Advice(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Thu 21st April 2016

Flip had done nothing. He wasn’t sure what would be the thing that would haunt his nightmares: t

7:39 The Hunter(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Wed 20th April 2016

Flip laid his stuff down in a heartbeat and went after all. No shouts were permitted once they wer

7:38 Wandering Away(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Tue 19th April 2016

It was, in a way, a sort of hunt. Never had been retrieving groceries been so risky. Luckily Élod

7:37 The Dream(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Mon 18th April 2016

He paused a moment, taking a second more to consider his choice even if it was already made, before

7:36 A Half Confession(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Sun 17th April 2016

Flip sighted when he saw all the cowards checking on each other. He couldn’t blame them though: t

7:35 The Dispute(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Sat 16th April 2016

It was inevitable. Flip had felt it coming for a while now, the same way he could just tell when o

7:34 Flip ‘Changing Mind’ Wilson(Male)(Female) by Clayem on Fri 15th April 2016

Born from a line of American Indians, his Christian name is Frederik but his family and friends nick

7:33 You can't sleep yet.(Male)(Female) by neonsilver on Fri 11th September 2015

Edward slipped past another resident who was on their way to the mess hall. The corridors in the sa

7:32 Humans always were rebellious(Male)(Female) by neonsilver on Sat 11th July 2015

Edward Johnson is one of five war technology scientists who work for The Holocaust. He is responsib

7:30 PVT.hayes(Male)(Female) by caro on Wed 16th January 2013

Pvt.Hayes or Charles is a tall man standing at 6'1, he has deep blue eyes that stand out on his

7:28 A Choice Is Made, But Not By Ry(Male)(Female) by Zodiac on Fri 10th July 2009

"Ry William?" one of the Radinri said. Ry spun around to see the Radinri he hadn't ridden standing o

7:27 Armak Kilyea(Male)(Female) by Zodiac on Sun 17th May 2009

"Wait," a voice called from the crowd. Another Radinri stumbled forward. She was gold with blue stri

7:26 The Hunt Goes On(Male)(Female) by Zodiac on Sun 05th April 2009

The Radinri cruiser flew once again over the city. Dor'Vool and Guer'Re had cleaned up and were back

7:24 Matteus(Male)(Female) by Eavna on Sun 01st March 2009

Matteus is one of the only survivors from the Radinri invasion of Africa, which was one of the harde

7:23 Rysthin An-ha(Male)(Female) by Zodiac on Sat 31st January 2009

The servant market felt like an odd sort of hybrid between a cocktail party and a ritual dance, oddl

7:22 Thess(Male)(Female) by Zodiac on Sat 27th December 2008

"Laura" a distant voice called, "Laura, wake up. We're there."

Laura stirred sluggishly. She was

7:21 Finally Captured(Male)(Female) by Rikki on Mon 24th November 2008

The unridden Radinri had no trouble firing at Ry. Ry was blasted off the Radinri he was riding and h

7:20 Time To Ride The Pony!!!!(Male)(Female) by Rikki on Wed 19th November 2008

Ry jumped off of the tree and landed on one of the Radinri's backs and started riding him like a hor

7:19 Battle(Male)(Female) by Rikki on Wed 19th November 2008

Ry jumped from the tree, landing in the direction of the oncoming Radinri. The fox was scared to see

7:18 The Story Begins...(Male)(Female) by Rikki on Mon 17th November 2008

Ry William was eating an apple in a tree, looking around the area around him. He wasn't too worried

7:17 Extra Characters(Male)(Female) by Catprog on Mon 10th November 2008

This is to hold extra characters that do not fit on the main page.

(Pages will be rejected if the

7:13 They get discovered...(Male)(Female) by Kibaoftheleaves on Tue 05th August 2008

Jake prayed silently while the other two screwed silencers onto their pistols, slowly creeping forwa

7:12 They get away! For now...(Male)(Female) by Kibaoftheleaves on Tue 05th August 2008

Jake prayed silently for the saftey of his squadron. They needed to survive if they wanted to save t

7:11 not your average shopping trip!(Male)(Female) by Kibaoftheleaves on Tue 05th August 2008

Time was running short for Jake and his refugees. The grocery store was the closest and the south wa