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6:575 Mental Changes(Male)(Female) by catprog on Sat 08th December 2018

As they enter the lab a beaker is knocked over. The liquid inside evaporates into a cloud.


6:574 Joining(Male)(Female) by catprog on Wed 28th November 2018

"Why you are joining our pack." she says

Daniel gulps and tries to run pass her.

The wolf sh

6:573 My Pack?(Male)(Female) by catprog on Fri 23rd November 2018

"What do you mean by my pack?" he asks.

"You came with your friends right?" she says. "They are

6:567 Kiss(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Thu 15th November 2018

"Hey!?" Jake shook Denise a little harder with how unresponsively lost in thought she was. That got

6:569 Elsewhere(Male)(Female) by catprog on Wed 14th November 2018

A beam of sunlight wakes him up.

He is now in a simple room, wooden shutters over the windows.

6:566 A new creature(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Tue 13th November 2018


The Renamon's let out a raspy breath as her eyes rolled back into place. All at once her k

6:572 Fire(Male)(Female) by catprog on Mon 12th November 2018

Just when he thought it could not get any worse, his skin caught on fire. Strangely though the pain

6:571 Werewolves(Male)(Female) by catprog on Sun 11th November 2018

As he looked around a wolf's howl came from the tunnel. Turning around he saw a wolf sitting in the

6:570 Awake(Male)(Female) by catprog on Thu 08th November 2018

"No" he said when he awakes.

Looking around he finds himself lying on the ground, the area lighti

6:568 Surgery Again(Male)(Female) by catprog on Sat 03rd November 2018

She keeps singing and suddenly finds herself back in the surgery room. "How did I get here?" she ask

6:565 RUNNING COMPLETE RENAMON OS INSTALLATION!(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Thu 01st November 2018


"What!? NO!!"

By the time Dan

6:564 Scan(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Tue 30th October 2018

Daniel's tail began to wag feverishly. "No shit? So this little thing was set up to fix me from them

6:563 Computer(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Sun 28th October 2018

"Cool!" Jake pushed past Daniel making her sequel as he approached their discovery. "Think we can ch

6:562 Digivice(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Sat 27th October 2018

"The fuck?" Daniel reached back into her skirt pocket. There was only one other possession on her pe

6:561 I'm a…"(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Thu 25th October 2018

"M-me?! I'm a…" Daniel's muzzle slammed closed hard enough for Jake to hear her fangs click togeth

6:560 Jake(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Wed 24th October 2018

Jake's hand promptly shot up. "I say me!"

"I say, Jake!" agreed Pammy.

Gasson nodded. "I say,

6:559 Jump the Fence(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Mon 22nd October 2018

Once Gasson's heart stopped pounding, he turned to measure the fence. The one barrier between them a

6:558 Arriving(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Sun 21st October 2018

"So what has been scrambling your data, anyway?" Jake gently rubbed at the fur atop Daniel's thigh.

6:557 School Skip(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Fri 19th October 2018

The bell rang, bringing an air of tension over everyone. Daniel shook her head wondering if she had

6:556 Attention (Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Thu 18th October 2018

"Yeah, pretty sure he would have tried for a free grope if you gave him two more seconds," Gasson

6:555 Boyfriend(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Tue 16th October 2018

"What's up, puppy love!?"

A sharp bark escaped Daniel as she found herself being hugged from behi

6:554 Uncontained Tail(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Mon 15th October 2018

Her peers seemed less interested in that than how it repeatedly exposed her pantie-clad rear with ev

6:553 "You're a bit late."(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Sat 13th October 2018

"You're a bit late."

Daniel yipped, almost toppling backward out of her cool entrance pose. A lot

6:552 Get out of Traffic(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Fri 12th October 2018

Daniel almost did that last one if not for the warning horn. Realization she had drifted into the on

6:551 Former Human Hand(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Wed 10th October 2018

Make that former human hand. Daniel blinked, staring dumbfounded at the supposed children's toy, and

6:550 Skirt(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Tue 09th October 2018

Eventually, skirts won this crucial debate. Daniel felt getting used to the draft would be a better

6:549 Getting Dressed(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Sun 07th October 2018

"Frack it!" Daniel snagged a random sports bra to proceed with dressing. The world was glitching out

6:548 Girl(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Fri 05th October 2018

School! Daniel reeled from his thoughts in a new panic. He was going to have to try and fit into som

6:547 More Changes(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Wed 03rd October 2018

A wave of dizziness put a pin in that plan. Daniel groaned as he leaned against the closet door. Not

6:546 Get Ready(Male)(Female) by DesmondFallout on Mon 30th July 2018

Wait, what if the same thing that overcame his mom happened to them? It would be very hard to get he