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5:56 Fish Path(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 10th November 2018

The moment you step through the fish path statues you find yourself wet.

The entire roof is now a

5:55 Horse Path(Male) (Female) by catprog on Fri 09th November 2018

You step between the two horse statues. As you do so you feel static wash over you.

The path in

5:54 Secret Entrance(Male) (Female) by catprog on Mon 19th February 2018

You spot one of the secret entrances, you open the vent and slide into the ducting.

Creeping t

5:53 Unicorn(Male) (Female) by catprog on Mon 18th December 2017

You feel the magic attach itself to your forehead before solidifying into a horn.

You feel your f

5:52 Pegasus (Male) (Female) by catprog on Wed 13th December 2017

"What are you doing, don’t leave me here like this" you say. Or at least you try too, all that

5:51 Cause a Distraction in the stables(Male) (Female) by catprog on Tue 05th December 2017

You head over to the stables and go up into the loft. Looking down you spot all the horses in their

5:50 Go Inside the Room(Male) (Female) by SketchySeraph on Tue 08th March 2016

You creep into the room easily, eyes scanning the ninja artifacts that line its walls. Of all of the

5:49 Stick to the Plan and Sneak(Male) (Female) by SketchySeraph on Mon 07th March 2016

Then again, the whole objective of this little trial is to avoid detection. Master Kokoemetsu would

5:48 The Rafters(Male) (Female) by SketchySeraph on Sun 06th March 2016

You quickly check to ensure that there's nobody else around; then you leap up to the high roof

5:47 His Dream Girl(Male) (Female) by SketchySeraph on Sat 05th March 2016

Chadworth Demming is many things, chief among them a loudmouth. He's frequently discussed his i

5:46 You Start With A Plan(Male) (Female) by SketchySeraph on Fri 04th March 2016

This is a test; and perhaps the most important one of your life. It would be remiss of you not to st

5:45 Annoyed at female(Male)  by on Tue 19th January 2016

“Well “ you start “Why am I female?”

He nods “Well that is what your soul likes. I am n

5:44 Foxy Friend(Male) (Female) by on Sun 17th January 2016

As you load up the plate you are approached by another creature just like you. Except this one is ma

5:43 Continue down the Path(Male) (Female) by on Fri 15th January 2016

You shake your head at that thought. While you may have a vixen body your mind is still that of you

5:42 Contiune(Male) (Female) by on Wed 13th January 2016

This time your shows are left behind as your feet change into paws. And once again the old path has

5:41 Female statue(Male) (Female) by on Mon 11th January 2016

You step forward closer to the female statue. The moment you step past the forest appears behind you

5:40 Fox Path(Male) (Female) by on Sat 09th January 2016

The fox path is just in front of you and with no better reason than that, you step forward through t

5:39 Over the Roof(Male) (Female) by on Tue 05th January 2016

You look out the window and up to the roof contemplating the climb..

The climb is precarious, but

5:38 Feeling stronger? Bigger? You should(Male)  by Sock on Thu 28th May 2009

You choose the 3rd pendant in the bull row, the biggest pendant of them all. It's showing a big bull

5:37 Maybe you shouldn't have picked that(Male)  by Draiko on Sun 05th April 2009

You choose a Pendant that is in the dog row, it looks like a fox with a small female on it. While yo

5:36 From the Shadows(Male) (Female) by Zodiac on Sat 10th May 2008

You watch from your hiding place as the stranger moves around the cave. As he illuminates more of th

5:35 00001(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sun 04th May 2008

The door grinds open and you find a wall which has 60 pendants on it.

They are arranged in 12 col

5:33 Waking Up(Male) (Female) by Zodiac on Sun 06th April 2008


You wake up in the same cave as before. The now-empty goblet is now clenche

5:34 One to the left(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sun 06th April 2008

You take the passage to the right.

At the end you find a massive steel door with a keypad on it.

5:31 Water(Male) (Female) by Zodiac on Tue 01st April 2008

Well, this really isn't a difficult choice. You can get past the door by just drinking some water! S

5:32 To Drink, Perchance to Dream(Male) (Female) by Zodiac on Tue 01st April 2008

The high priestess is a decrepit old crone, but she carries herself with a dignity that nobody in th

5:30 going down?(Male) (Female) by catprog on Fri 21st March 2008

You slip into the passage going down.

You place your foot in conveniently placed foot holds and m

5:29 one to the right(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sun 16th March 2008


>ppc 8

You find yourself in front of the master's room.

Do you enter or go a

5:28 Continue down the passage(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 15th March 2008

You continue down the passage ass you try to make sense of some of the conversation.

"What did th

5:26 Ninja Vanish(Male) (Female) by minerva on Sat 26th January 2008

Thomas rushes you at a furious space. You try to figh him but your hand goes through him.

You tu