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4:322 Interupt(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 01st December 2018

As she begins to speak there is a commotion on a nearby table. Looking over you have just enough t

4:321 Escape 2(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Sat 06th October 2018

“Ah...he escaped. I expected as much,” Knelt down at the pond’s edge, Nugruc watched one of th

4:320 Escape(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Mon 01st October 2018

Tired, battered, and bruised, Feylin couldn’t afford to sleep, nor eat, as the Morph felt himself

4:319 Run(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Fri 28th September 2018

“Ah, here you’ve eluded me for quite some time, you two.” Emerging from the bushes

4:318 Escape Found?(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Wed 26th September 2018

“...I didn’t think anyone made it this far, but now that I see this, I direly wish they didn’t

4:317 Memories(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Mon 24th September 2018

“Feylin, have any of your memories resurfaced?” Seated against a cave wall, the feline Morph tos

4:316 A few days(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Sat 22nd September 2018

Jabbing his spear into the water, Feylin skewered another trout for dinner. It’d been a few days s

4:313 The hounds(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Sun 16th September 2018

In a flash, the calm, peaceful atmosphere erupted into panic and screaming as inhuman bellows pierce

4:312 “So...the one hunting us is...?” (Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Fri 14th September 2018

“So...the one hunting us is...?”

“A foe we cannot hope to ever defeat,” Seated on a log

4:311 Can't Remember(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Tue 11th September 2018

“I...don’t know. Can’t remember anything, and I can’t think of anything...”


4:310 Hyena Male(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Fri 07th September 2018

...for one, male...but also anthropomorphic as well; head that of a hyena’s, with fur covering him

4:309 Feline Female(Male) (Female) by AGhostInTheMachine on Mon 03rd September 2018

He felt a dull, throbbing pain across his entire wasn’t fun in the slightest, and no mat

4:308 “What do you mean?”(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Sun 27th May 2018

The question took Gideon aback a little. “What do you mean?”

Zachariah shrugged his shoulde

4:303 Zachariah’s Transformations(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Fri 25th May 2018

Zachariah had a proud grin on his face. “This’ll be fun then. To begin, I learned how to become

4:302 Odd World(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Wed 23rd May 2018

“Ah yes, quite understandable why you’d go with that one. I suppose the best place to begin is

4:307 Festivities(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Mon 21st May 2018

Hours passed. Gideon became enamored in the acrobatic dances of the spider people and tried his best

4:301 Dining Room(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Sat 19th May 2018

“Heh. If you think the outside is impressive, just wait until you see what it looks like inside.

4:306 Village(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Thu 17th May 2018

“Ah yes.” Zachariah somehow managed to smile even with the lips and face of a deer. “There are

4:300 Castle(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Mon 14th May 2018

Gideon didn’t even notice they were near their destination. “There she is…” Zachariah mumble

4:287 Jump(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 12th May 2018

"We are going to have to jump. See that branch almost in reach?" George says before jumping.

He g

4:305 Anansi(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Fri 11th May 2018

“The Anansi. To put it about as bluntly as a club hitting a skull, they’re more or less ‘spide

4:290 Clothes(Male) (Female) by catprog on Fri 04th May 2018

A set of clothes has appeared on the table.

Putting them on you notice they fit perfectly.


4:299 Caught(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Fri 04th May 2018

Before Gideon could decide how he should panic or start running, the dragon-like creature lunged at

4:286 Climb a tree(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 28th April 2018

George points to a tree and the three of them climb up to the branches

"What the hell is happenin

4:304 Friends(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Thu 26th April 2018

Very well. Come along with me this way.” The pair started down a path filled with multi-colored tr

4:298 Zachariah’s Home (Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Tue 24th April 2018

He smiles. “You’ll like it, I promise.” With a wave of his hand and a wink, Zachariah bids Gid

4:285 Lion pride(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 21st April 2018

Their is a roar and surrounding them are a single male lion and a collection of lionesses.

The th

4:297 Mind Reader(Male) (Female) by KnightofFellsia on Thu 19th April 2018

Gideon’s eyes widened. “Hey… How do you know my name?”

“You kidding me? Your mind is li