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2:1362 Pollution(Male)  by catprog on Fri 07th December 2018

"Welcome Hero of the Wild" he says.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the last remaining patch of wil

2:1361 Planet Colonisation(Male)  by catprog on Thu 06th December 2018

"Welcome" he says "I am glad you choose us for your new life".

"Where am I?" you ask

"Your me

2:1360 Goddess(Male) (Female) by catprog on Wed 05th December 2018

As you look around you hear a noise behind you. Looking back you spot a cat-headed women. "Welcome t

2:1359 Space(Male)  by catprog on Sun 02nd December 2018

The first thing you notice are the stars. They are solid and unblinking.

The second thing yo

2:1356 Trunk one(Male)  by psto1464 on Thu 13th September 2018

Trunk one. You pull on the costume in a blind rage. Without clearly looking at it. Familiar pain str

2:1354 A cabin(Male)  by psto1464 on Thu 06th September 2018

You woke up once again around dawn. Which had become your routine in this pass two weeks. You were a

2:1358 Robot Pilot(Male) (Female) by catprog on Tue 04th September 2018

The scene before you changes. Standing before you is a human.

"How much do you remember from befo

2:1353 Keep following(Male)  by psto1464 on Sat 01st September 2018

The next day continued as much as the first. Some carvings changed as you start to pass berries and

2:1352 Keep Going(Male)  by psto1464 on Tue 28th August 2018

Worn from yesterday's break down. You walk along the waters edge, not because your hope has returned

2:1351 A few more days(Male)  by psto1464 on Sat 25th August 2018

Still, no sign of human life. No clues to your way home, but your steadily marching on. A diet of wa

2:1350 Food(Male)  by psto1464 on Thu 23rd August 2018

What kind of jungle didn't at least have banana's?! You woke early with the grey light of dawn barel

2:1349 Recovery(Male)  by psto1464 on Tue 21st August 2018

Spending a day and night unconscious in a mud trail that ran along the river wasn't your idea of a g

2:1348 Follow that water(Male) (Female) by psto1464 on Sat 18th August 2018

You decide to risk it. The average human could go four days without water. The average manticorn cou

2:1345 Let him Approach(Male) (Female) by psto1464 on Thu 16th August 2018

“Ruben! Please this one can talk, surely this is a sign that we can talk things out and bring a pe

2:1347 Next Day(Male)  by psto1464 on Mon 13th August 2018

The sun woke you with your blinding light. Waking you to your dry throat. You would never take your

2:1344 Asleep(Male) (Female) by psto1464 on Sat 11th August 2018

“There it is.” a high squeal of a whisper reached your ears. Waking you up from the sleep you di

2:1346 Look for a way out(Male)  by psto1464 on Thu 09th August 2018

You were a man. A human male. You may have a sweet high voice, and temporarily lost your favourite b

2:1343 Stay Put(Male) (Female) by psto1464 on Mon 06th August 2018

You have chosen to stay put. Whenever you hear about hikers getting lost, they always tell you to st

2:1357 Princess(Male)  by catprog on Fri 03rd August 2018

As you look around you notice your clothes are also changing. Soon you are covered in frills and hav

2:1342 Jungle(Male) (Female) by psto1464 on Thu 02nd August 2018

You wake slowly. Your hearing comes first, the cries of tropical birds fill the air. You remember th

2:1341 Massive Foraging(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Tue 31st July 2018

The next day, you proceed as usual, collecting as many resources as you possible can. By your, some

2:1340 Good Investment(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Fri 27th July 2018

You spend all of your money away, but you can tell that this will be a good investing for the long t

2:1339 Second Gathering(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Tue 24th July 2018

Using the new (or in this case, old) tools you’ve recently received, you are able to gather even m

2:1338 Self-Discovery(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Thu 19th July 2018

You’ve gathered a bunch of wild plants, such as maroon mushrooms, carrots root that you dig out th

2:1337 Accept new self(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Mon 16th July 2018

You decide to venture through the town, socializing and exchanging initial information with the loca

2:1336 Deny new self(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Thu 12th July 2018

You’re unable unable to accept the changes that happen to you. The depression causes you to shed y

2:1335 Fox taur(Male) (Female) by Stella Purple on Fri 06th July 2018

You are curious about the pile of fox suit, which at first looks just like any regular fur coat to y

2:1333 Leave Her(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 30th June 2018

You shake your head and continue your journey. As it gets dark the wolves tell you to stay put and d