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1:1451 Mutiple Horns(Male) (Female) by catprog on Wed 12th December 2018

You feel a growth from your skull. The growth comes out through the skin to form two horns jutting o

1:1450 Lion Mane(Male) (Female) by catprog on Tue 11th December 2018

Your hair has not only grown out but also around giving you a large lion mane.

1:1449 The herd(Male) (Female) by catprog on Tue 04th December 2018

The rest of the horses fly up to you.

"Are you new here?" one of them asks you.

"How could yo

1:1447 Swim Over(Male) (Female) by catprog on Mon 03rd December 2018

Swimming over you shake yourself dry. The other tiger responds by splashing you. You roar trying to

1:1446 To the waterfall(Male) (Female) by catprog on Fri 30th November 2018

Climbing down the ladder you feel your body shifting again. This time your hands shift into paws whi

1:1438 Back in 5(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Thu 29th November 2018

You stare at the sign in horror as you approach the shop. There are a few people milling around the

1:1445 Back to the Room(Male) (Female) by catprog on Tue 27th November 2018

You shake your head “This is too much for me” you say and race back to your room.

Once insi

1:1437 Go Home(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Mon 26th November 2018

You carefully sneak into the house, you had ditched your classes for the day, unsure if anyone else

1:1444 In the Lounge(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sun 25th November 2018

Taking the pass you quickly head over to the lounge. Inside you find everyone is in a fursuit. On

1:1436 Try to change back(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Sat 24th November 2018

Deciding that this was simply too much adventure for one afternoon, you turn to the wizard after adm

1:1443 Tigress fursuit(Male) (Female) by catprog on Thu 22nd November 2018

Everything is too female for you to wear, until you pull out a fursuit. While still female it means

1:1433 The Kitchen(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Wed 21st November 2018

Ivan turns to you and says gravely, "We should get the worst option out of the way. There's no way

1:1432 Jennifer(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Tue 20th November 2018

You knew Jennifer would be in trouble in short order in this place, you ponder as you absentmindedly

1:1435 Second Vial(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Mon 19th November 2018

You see the wizard holding out a second vial, this time a bright pink "F" resided on the side of the

1:1431 Go Through The Portal(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Sun 18th November 2018

Ivan pauses for a second, holding up his hand. "Oh I forgot to mention. The magical plane is quite

1:1442 Female(Male) (Female) by catprog on Sat 17th November 2018

The inside of the bags only contain female clothes. The name on the bag however is your name. The ID

1:1426 The first customer enters(Female) by crunchynachoes on Fri 16th November 2018

You awake from your slumber, to the sound of a door chime. You had fallen asleep watching some sort

1:1430 What if they come with you?(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Wed 14th November 2018

Ivan looks at you hopefully and says, "Well, what if they come with you?"

You pause for a second

1:1441 Run Away(Male) (Female) by kakamenriderfire on Wed 07th November 2018

ou look up to the Lionstaurs, your heart racing. You feel the muscles in my your neck start to tight

1:1440 Feline room(Male) (Female) by catprog on Tue 06th November 2018

“Feline” she says moving onto the next guest.

You make your way to the elevator and are sur

1:1434 Dog(Male)  by crunchynachoes on Mon 05th November 2018

You hesitantly pick up the one labelled in big red letters down the side, "DOG". The wizard nods to

1:1429 Pay the Price(Male) (Female) by crunchynachoes on Fri 02nd November 2018

Ivan joined you inside the bathroom, out of some new instinct you pull the towel up and over your ne

1:1428 No ones home(Female) by crunchynachoes on Fri 26th October 2018

You open the door, to find the living room thankfully empty. You sneak on bare feet into the living

1:1424 Try to Escape again(Male) (Female) by crunchynachoes on Tue 23rd October 2018

Ivan took a second, looking you up and down, you feel your stomach gurgle in an aftershock of the po

1:1439 FurCon Flyer(Male) (Female) by catprog on Wed 17th October 2018

Picking up the scroll, you find it to be a flyer to a fur con. “Furreal: The longer you stay, the

1:1423 Something Strange(Male) (Female) by crunchynachoes on Wed 17th October 2018

Your form writhes and shifts, refusing to take on any defined shape. Sensations roast your nerves as