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8:116Ground Zero by MKnightium

8:55Strange reunion by vanillametal

“Wait…uh-“ Ry snaps his furry, clawed fingers, as he tried to recall who you are. He probably

8:95New people by Luksinatriks

"4 of them..." Marcus whispers to you as you try to recall the exact details of the contract.


8:89Say yes, the water changes you back! by Luksinatriks

"Alright..." you say after giving it some thought. "I don't want to say 'whats the worst that can ha

8:29My oh Mayan! by Zorpix

The chief rises to his feet and motions for you to follow, already heading out of the lean-to. You h

8:60The search for your companions by vanillametal

You and Ry seem to walk forever. In fact, you walk for so long, that you emerge from the jungle comp

8:56Explain yourself by vanillametal

“And what about you?” Ry asks.

You rub your furry arm, and try to explain it as best as you ca

8:73First Night by catprog

As you stare at the barrier one of the others starts barking orders. "You their, get shelter. You st

8:9Mirror Mirror by Anonymous

You decide that you are hallucinating from the lake of water so you cup your hands and plunge them i

8:13Shifting into Gear by Zorpix

You blink softly, squinting a bit at the warm sun rays above you. Muttering something about being to

8:46Eric, just your Average Joe. by vanillametal

You were trapped, and alone, on this stupid island. Great.

Honestly, your life had been pretty bor

8:112Planing by MKnightium

“…so, when do we leave?” “Tomorrow morning; it’ll be too dark to travel soon, and we’ll

8:58Head to the lake by vanillametal

It is a short trek to the lake, just like Ry said. When you arrive, you are relieved to see the pure

8:47Through the nearby jungle… by vanillametal

Inside, among the tall, leafy trees, the air was stifling, and far too hot to be comfortable. Your b

8:110Attack by MKnightium

The creature that showed up was…well fucked; it looked like a bipedal black panther, but with huma

8:98 They believe you. by Luksinatriks

"So... that... happened?" Eve said, trying to break the suspense. Things are immensely awkward betwe

8:117An Alternative to Escape by catprog

You could always make him your own

“No, we are getting out of here?” she says out loud.

8:84Continue sleeping, choosing to think about all of this in the morning by Luksinatriks

You decide to continue your sleep. If this is indeed the consequence of some drug you will most like

8:3Foxy by Eavna

You decide to draw a fox, luckily for you, you are pretty good at foxes. You decide to really put ef

8:62Getting nowhere with this by vanillametal

“O…kay…?” You stare straight back at him. Then something came to light in your mind. Maybe h

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