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8:4hmm this isn't so bad........ or is it by Draiko

8:44Leave The Clearing by SketchySeraph

You decide that the best option right now is to take the risk of getting out of here. You have no id

8:79Attack by GoldenAltaira

“I will not go back into that forsaken, beast infested, death trap.” John growled. “And we wil

8:82Chose not to drink from the water. by Luksinatriks

Better not risk it! You decide, god knows what they have put in this water and maybe your even lucky

8:46Eric, just your Average Joe. by vanillametal

You were trapped, and alone, on this stupid island. Great.

Honestly, your life had been pretty bor

8:96You come out. by Luksinatriks

"Hello?" Marcus calls out as he gets up and past the rocks. Immediately everyone's attention shift

8:20Harder Than You Thought by marissalikesgreenday

You approach the girl lounging in the sun. She has on a very revealing bikini and long, blonde hair.

8:84Continue sleeping, choosing to think about all of this in the morning by Luksinatriks

You decide to continue your sleep. If this is indeed the consequence of some drug you will most like

8:3Foxy by Eavna

You decide to draw a fox, luckily for you, you are pretty good at foxes. You decide to really put ef

8:54Search for food. by vanillametal

By the time you emerge from the seemingly lifeless jungle, and out onto a grassy plain, your stomach

8:69Dream by catprog

You lay back down on the table drifting back off to sleep before you start to dream.

In your dream

8:89Say yes, the water changes you back! by Luksinatriks

"Alright..." you say after giving it some thought. "I don't want to say 'whats the worst that can ha

8:61Look up by vanillametal

Both of you screams, and stumble back as a winged creature flew down. A lion creature, with a large,

8:97You tell them what happened. by Luksinatriks

"I... I was a male... yesterday." You utter carefully and the two women are obviously shocked with

8:93Blame him for the transformation. by Luksinatriks

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" You boom as you stand all 4 of your feet, examining them as you walk around. Marc

8:18Strange World by marissalikesgreenday

"Oh, you don't know? Damn.. Guess we really are uncharted. This island is entirely comprised of

8:78Fight by GoldenAltaira

“STONE!” He was now practically in Mark's face. “I found a stone too when this happened! Wha

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