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8:9Mirror Mirror by Anonymous

8:31How many steps? by Zorpix

As you look at the words on the ground one more time, you realize there has to be something more to

8:37Your Chest by SketchySeraph

You gasp as the blue orb passes into your upper chest, your heart tingling as it's infused into

8:32The Author, Lycan Gruff by SketchySeraph

You blink in confusion, looking at your surroundings and wondering what the heck is going on. You’

8:5Otterous! by Sock

You decide to draw two male otters, not doing any special, but while you draw you succeed in causing

8:33To the Woods by SketchySeraph

While you could head towards the beach or even the jungle, it’s the almost peaceful woodland that

8:54Search for food. by vanillametal

By the time you emerge from the seemingly lifeless jungle, and out onto a grassy plain, your stomach

8:50It doesn’t end there. by vanillametal

Right now, you were terrified. You had just sprouted a tail of all things! At least you were able to

8:58Head to the lake by vanillametal

It is a short trek to the lake, just like Ry said. When you arrive, you are relieved to see the pure

8:42Itchy by SketchySeraph

You squeak loudly and begin to scratch at yourself, your skin tingling like mad as the stone tablet

8:62Getting nowhere with this by vanillametal

“O…kay…?” You stare straight back at him. Then something came to light in your mind. Maybe h

8:68A Seal by Picklessauce69

Suddenly, from the water came a loud barking grunt. You spun around to see a plump seal wobbling in

8:55Strange reunion by vanillametal

“Wait…uh-“ Ry snaps his furry, clawed fingers, as he tried to recall who you are. He probably

8:39You Were Right! by SketchySeraph

Just as your eyes make contact with your plump posterior, your tailbone begins to ache. Your spine f

8:2Here we go... by Rikki

You stayed silent from everybody, focusing only in what you were drawing on your sketchbook. You are

8:20Harder Than You Thought by marissalikesgreenday

You approach the girl lounging in the sun. She has on a very revealing bikini and long, blonde hair.

8:44Leave The Clearing by SketchySeraph

You decide that the best option right now is to take the risk of getting out of here. You have no id

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