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8:35Look At The Shrine by SketchySeraph

8:100 You try to interact and fix the thing by Luksinatriks

"Well... since Im pretty sure this isn't just the producer playing a hoax on us." You say, being the

8:84Continue sleeping, choosing to think about all of this in the morning by Luksinatriks

You decide to continue your sleep. If this is indeed the consequence of some drug you will most like

8:39You Were Right! by SketchySeraph

Just as your eyes make contact with your plump posterior, your tailbone begins to ache. Your spine f

8:82Chose not to drink from the water. by Luksinatriks

Better not risk it! You decide, god knows what they have put in this water and maybe your even lucky

8:71Breeding pair? by catprog

You take a moment to digest his words and then realize one important statement.

He said breeding p

8:29My oh Mayan! by Zorpix

The chief rises to his feet and motions for you to follow, already heading out of the lean-to. You h

8:87You tell him not to risk it. by Luksinatriks

"True true... perhaps something even worse can happen to me. You got off with only having your gen

8:64Touch the medallion, find your freedom! by vanillametal

There is no way you could turn down an opportunity like this. You feel a little bad, abandoning Quin

8:8A Lake with a Secret by Anonymous

You look up and down the beach expecting something else to happen but the blue barrier stays how it

8:5Otterous! by Sock

You decide to draw two male otters, not doing any special, but while you draw you succeed in causing

8:56Explain yourself by vanillametal

“And what about you?” Ry asks.

You rub your furry arm, and try to explain it as best as you ca

8:37Your Chest by SketchySeraph

You gasp as the blue orb passes into your upper chest, your heart tingling as it's infused into

8:49Something happens. by vanillametal

While you were trying to get back up on your feet again, you suddenly felt a sharp shock go through

8:9Mirror Mirror by Anonymous

You decide that you are hallucinating from the lake of water so you cup your hands and plunge them i

8:20Harder Than You Thought by marissalikesgreenday

You approach the girl lounging in the sun. She has on a very revealing bikini and long, blonde hair.

8:31How many steps? by Zorpix

As you look at the words on the ground one more time, you realize there has to be something more to

8:40But The Changes Aren't Done With You Yet by SketchySeraph

As if it's trying to dispute your statement, the base of your new tail aches more, and you sque

8:80Lion by GoldenAltaira

John regained himself and looked at the other two, their eyes on him widening. John took a moment to

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