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8:28Wonder Drug by Zorpix

8:39You Were Right! by SketchySeraph

Just as your eyes make contact with your plump posterior, your tailbone begins to ache. Your spine f

8:63Possible escape? by vanillametal

Shift nods, and lifts off the ground a bit, flying up into the sky. You watch him, and are shocked t

8:48Have a drink. by vanillametal

You cupped some water in your sweating palms, and lifted them to your mouth, parting your lips and d

8:5Otterous! by Sock

You decide to draw two male otters, not doing any special, but while you draw you succeed in causing

8:38But Your Ears Begin To Tingle by SketchySeraph

Your hands fly from your new breasts to the sides of your head, and you squeak with your new feminin

8:55Strange reunion by vanillametal

“Wait…uh-“ Ry snaps his furry, clawed fingers, as he tried to recall who you are. He probably

8:37Your Chest by SketchySeraph

You gasp as the blue orb passes into your upper chest, your heart tingling as it's infused into

8:36Offer A Leaf by SketchySeraph

But that said, you don't have too much in the way of gifts for this little shrine. However, you

8:53What now? by vanillametal

So, you have turned into some sort of anthropomorphic tiger. The only question is…if this was real

8:12"I thought the island was abandoned" by catprog

"I thought the island was abandoned" you say.

She smiles "Let me guess you signed up for a reality

8:47Through the nearby jungle… by vanillametal

Inside, among the tall, leafy trees, the air was stifling, and far too hot to be comfortable. Your b

8:57To find the others by vanillametal

“To find the others.” You say, glancing over your shoulder at her, tail swishing. You are never

8:68A Seal by Picklessauce69

Suddenly, from the water came a loud barking grunt. You spun around to see a plump seal wobbling in

8:51The Average Joe becomes an Average Jane by vanillametal

Something rather frightening occurred. Okay, more like piss-pants terrifying.

Between your legs, y

8:64Touch the medallion, find your freedom! by vanillametal

There is no way you could turn down an opportunity like this. You feel a little bad, abandoning Quin

8:32The Author, Lycan Gruff by SketchySeraph

You blink in confusion, looking at your surroundings and wondering what the heck is going on. You’

8:20Harder Than You Thought by marissalikesgreenday

You approach the girl lounging in the sun. She has on a very revealing bikini and long, blonde hair.

8:60The search for your companions by vanillametal

You and Ry seem to walk forever. In fact, you walk for so long, that you emerge from the jungle comp

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