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8:51The Average Joe becomes an Average Jane by vanillametal

8:13Shifting into Gear by Zorpix

You blink softly, squinting a bit at the warm sun rays above you. Muttering something about being to

8:21Whale of a Tale by Zorpix

Against your better judgment, you head over to the big creature. You don?t dare to let your guard do

8:42Itchy by SketchySeraph

You squeak loudly and begin to scratch at yourself, your skin tingling like mad as the stone tablet

8:54Search for food. by vanillametal

By the time you emerge from the seemingly lifeless jungle, and out onto a grassy plain, your stomach

8:62Getting nowhere with this by vanillametal

“O…kay…?” You stare straight back at him. Then something came to light in your mind. Maybe h

8:47Through the nearby jungle… by vanillametal

Inside, among the tall, leafy trees, the air was stifling, and far too hot to be comfortable. Your b

8:53What now? by vanillametal

So, you have turned into some sort of anthropomorphic tiger. The only question is…if this was real

8:36Offer A Leaf by SketchySeraph

But that said, you don't have too much in the way of gifts for this little shrine. However, you

8:8A Lake with a Secret by Anonymous

You look up and down the beach expecting something else to happen but the blue barrier stays how it

8:46Eric, just your Average Joe. by vanillametal

You were trapped, and alone, on this stupid island. Great.

Honestly, your life had been pretty bor

8:41Offer Your Phone by SketchySeraph

Unfortunately, you don’t have many material possessions on yourself right now, and you doubt that

8:39You Were Right! by SketchySeraph

Just as your eyes make contact with your plump posterior, your tailbone begins to ache. Your spine f

8:45Run by SketchySeraph

You set off at a pace that would put Olympians to shame… If there was an Olympian record for stumb

8:12"I thought the island was abandoned" by catprog

"I thought the island was abandoned" you say.

She smiles "Let me guess you signed up for a reality

8:4hmm this isn't so bad........ or is it by Draiko

Since you are a major furry fan you decide to draw a Female Anthro Wolf, You spend thirty five minut

8:61Look up by vanillametal

Both of you screams, and stumble back as a winged creature flew down. A lion creature, with a large,

8:56Explain yourself by vanillametal

“And what about you?” Ry asks.

You rub your furry arm, and try to explain it as best as you ca

8:29My oh Mayan! by Zorpix

The chief rises to his feet and motions for you to follow, already heading out of the lean-to. You h

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