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8:62Getting nowhere with this by vanillametal

8:32The Author, Lycan Gruff by SketchySeraph

You blink in confusion, looking at your surroundings and wondering what the heck is going on. You’

8:26Board by Zorpix

You decide that sitting down and trying to get the venom out would only make things harder, as you?d

8:6Water, Water Everywhere... by Chrysalis

The island turns out to be surprisingly disappointing. It sounded like a good idea at first - a free

8:53What now? by vanillametal

So, you have turned into some sort of anthropomorphic tiger. The only question is…if this was real

8:16Shift in the weather by Zorpix

You gaze out at the wavering force field above the rock. With a scoff and a wave of your hand, you t

8:52Seeing The Truth by vanillametal

The best way to describe what you had turned into…was a tiger. A female tiger. So a tigress?


8:51The Average Joe becomes an Average Jane by vanillametal

Something rather frightening occurred. Okay, more like piss-pants terrifying.

Between your legs, y

8:12"I thought the island was abandoned" by catprog

"I thought the island was abandoned" you say.

She smiles "Let me guess you signed up for a reality

8:54Search for food. by vanillametal

By the time you emerge from the seemingly lifeless jungle, and out onto a grassy plain, your stomach

8:58Head to the lake by vanillametal

It is a short trek to the lake, just like Ry said. When you arrive, you are relieved to see the pure

8:31How many steps? by Zorpix

As you look at the words on the ground one more time, you realize there has to be something more to

8:28Wonder Drug by Zorpix

The chief smiles in relief and opens the bottle, scraping some goo out onto his hands and rubbing th

8:50It doesn’t end there. by vanillametal

Right now, you were terrified. You had just sprouted a tail of all things! At least you were able to

8:44Leave The Clearing by SketchySeraph

You decide that the best option right now is to take the risk of getting out of here. You have no id

8:40But The Changes Aren't Done With You Yet by SketchySeraph

As if it's trying to dispute your statement, the base of your new tail aches more, and you sque

8:14Shifting into Gear by Zorpix

There?s not much there, really. Looking up, you see that the barrier that is trapping you and your o

8:41Offer Your Phone by SketchySeraph

Unfortunately, you don’t have many material possessions on yourself right now, and you doubt that

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