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7:11not your average shopping trip! by Kibaoftheleaves

7:39The Hunter by Clayem

Flip laid his stuff down in a heartbeat and went after all. No shouts were permitted once they wer

7:9The Choices by Zodiac

Laura was more than willing to cooperate with her captors, considering that either one of the Radinr

7:28A Choice Is Made, But Not By Ry by Zodiac

"Ry William?" one of the Radinri said. Ry spun around to see the Radinri he hadn't ridden standing o

7:19Battle by Rikki

Ry jumped from the tree, landing in the direction of the oncoming Radinri. The fox was scared to see

7:5On the Hunt by Zodiac

Silent and invisible. Like a hunter, the small but powerful Radinri cruiser flew low over the wrecke

7:7Non-Compliance by Zodiac

Laura knew better than to trust Radinri, especially Radinri treacherous enough to use invisibility.

7:22Thess by Zodiac

"Laura" a distant voice called, "Laura, wake up. We're there."

Laura stirred sluggishly. She was c

7:2Jake's Story by LorikFurdin

Jake Warrens' room was a small cubicle that had an old cot in it and a hamper full of dirty clothes.

7:13They get discovered... by Kibaoftheleaves

Jake prayed silently while the other two screwed silencers onto their pistols, slowly creeping forwa

7:21Finally Captured by Rikki

The unridden Radinri had no trouble firing at Ry. Ry was blasted off the Radinri he was riding and h

7:8Prisoner by Zodiac

The choice appeared to be between certain death and probable death. Still, Laura decided she'd rathe

7:18The Story Begins... by Rikki

Ry William was eating an apple in a tree, looking around the area around him. He wasn't too worried

7:3Laura's Story by LorikFurdin

It was cold again, but then, it always seemed cold in the Alaskan forests. Laura sipped a hot cup of

7:23Rysthin An-ha by Zodiac

The servant market felt like an odd sort of hybrid between a cocktail party and a ritual dance, oddl

7:10Uncertainty by Zodiac

Laura thought for another moment. If she took the offer of Conversion, she'd be joining the species

7:27Armak Kilyea by Zodiac

"Wait," a voice called from the crowd. Another Radinri stumbled forward. She was gold with blue stri

7:20Time To Ride The Pony!!!! by Rikki

Ry jumped off of the tree and landed on one of the Radinri's backs and started riding him like a hor

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