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7:21Finally Captured by Rikki

7:26The Hunt Goes On by Zodiac

The Radinri cruiser flew once again over the city. Dor'Vool and Guer'Re had cleaned up and were back

7:8Prisoner by Zodiac

The choice appeared to be between certain death and probable death. Still, Laura decided she'd rathe

7:18The Story Begins... by Rikki

Ry William was eating an apple in a tree, looking around the area around him. He wasn't too worried

7:10Uncertainty by Zodiac

Laura thought for another moment. If she took the offer of Conversion, she'd be joining the species

7:24Matteus by Eavna

Matteus is one of the only survivors from the Radinri invasion of Africa, which was one of the harde

7:32Humans always were rebellious by neonsilver

Edward Johnson is one of five war technology scientists who work for The Holocaust. He is responsib

7:38Wandering Away by Clayem

It was, in a way, a sort of hunt. Never had been retrieving groceries been so risky. Luckily Élod

7:9The Choices by Zodiac

Laura was more than willing to cooperate with her captors, considering that either one of the Radinr

7:28A Choice Is Made, But Not By Ry by Zodiac

"Ry William?" one of the Radinri said. Ry spun around to see the Radinri he hadn't ridden standing o

7:6Visitors by Zodiac

In a moment, the calm silence of the wilderness was broken.

"Attention, Human," boomed a voice. La

7:36A Half Confession by Clayem

Flip sighted when he saw all the cowards checking on each other. He couldn’t blame them though: t

7:33You can't sleep yet. by neonsilver

Edward slipped past another resident who was on their way to the mess hall. The corridors in the sa

7:5On the Hunt by Zodiac

Silent and invisible. Like a hunter, the small but powerful Radinri cruiser flew low over the wrecke

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