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6:266Back at home by Serathin

6:192An explanation by Ashley-natter

He then proceeded to explain that the cycle had finally turned; He knew the Change had come at last,

6:188Fight on by Ashley-natter

You trample over them, helping those weak humans to fight against those abominable creatures. You fe

6:284Unicorn by Stella Purple

“Woah, what is this? I can’t believe it! A unicorn! Where did she come from?” Jake, like David

6:255Tail and more by skiesofsilver

Daniel squirmed in his sleep. He dreamt of the Area 50 and the green glow. He thrashed about in disc

6:167Daniel leaps! by Arbon

The hind legs braced into the front, coiled in preparation. Noise, zipping cars on the left and leav

6:175Mounting annoyance. by Arbon

Fingers gripping at her fur with that slight pinch, the sensation all too similar to having a spider

6:16Gassan's Turn by catprog

Almost as soon as the exam-door closes another door opens and another scientist steps out.


6:278Explore the lab by Stella Purple

Daniel flashed his flashlight toward the center, when something strange seemed to be dunked in a wat

6:11Override by Zodiac

The leader motioned to the man with the briefcase, and set Daniel's chair to a fully reclining posit

6:319Head to the mall by foxyscribe

Pammy and Jake walked a little ahead of Dan as they headed towards the Cosmic Mall. Dan had always c

6:273Back home by catprog

Pammy is waiting for her outside.

“Everything Ok?” Pammy says.

She nods “Apparently there

6:160They offer to lend a ride by Arbon

It was a quiet day as the sun rose higher, too hot to risk taking off. Daniel managed to scarf down

6:17Wing F by Zodiac

The bright light intensified to a blinding flash, and then died away. Daniel was still dazzled by th

6:78The complex by Sparrow the Wolf

The conversation dulled down as the five neared the complex. The trees slowly began to look more and

6:154Lost among the clouds by Arbon

Where was it? He couldn’t see the road anymore, it was just trees and grass and clouds all arou

6:130Hesitate by Picklessauce69

Dan can’t decide so quickly between the two relatively simple options, “Truth or Dare?” so i

6:185It Begins by Ashley-natter

The sky is suddenly covered with artillery fire from the positions on Earth, the shells simply appea

6:229Shopping? by catprog

"Anway, to make it up to you" starts Pammy "You and me are going shopping right now."

"But what ab

6:202Doesn´t it feel familiar? by lulu-illussions

“Doesn´t it feel familiar?” David continued, as if reading Daniel´s mind. “The windows. Noti

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