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6:18Choices by Zodiac

6:8Taking the high road by Shuusuke

"Hey let's go up the staircase" Daniel says.

"Are you sure?" Pammy questioned, "Looks as if it cou

6:242Land on uninhabited shoreline. by Arbon

Cold and numb were the predominant sensations, followed very quickly by lethargy and a sore ache. Da

6:48Mermaids? by Universal6 + Catprog

He nods. "I think that would be a good idea to get me used to the process. "

She grins "Ok."


6:106Dare (bark like a dog) by Jack Ripper

“Dare,” Daniel said as he stepped into the living room, looking around Pammy’s house. Things s

6:264The Truth by Serathin

About an hour later the two dragons sat outside a diner that was running a special during the festiv

6:68A kitsune vixen by zanian

The white room. This time, he didn't have the luxury of losing himself in a pleasant dream befo

6:184To the enemy homeland by Ashley-natter

“During the last months it has been repaired and fitted with our most advanced arcane technology a

6:114oops by Jack Ripper

Jake chuckled and headed out towards the garage. Gassan, Pammy and David were all hefting up supplie

6:82Daniel by Sparrow the Wolf

Daniel decides to go ahead and just immediately go catch up to Pammy. The walk back seems a bit diff

6:84Tiger by Sparrow the Wolf

Daniel slips on the tiger costume with ease. Why am I doing this? This is so embarrassing… and

6:290Walking Nightmare by Stella Purple

“I can’t believe it . . . I’m gonna stuck looking like this forever?” Daniel whimpered in di

6:177Spot an Angel with a fishing pole. by Arbon

A solid ten minutes passed before Daniel was actually free to leave, when the first person asked for

6:119Talking by Jack Ripper

“About time.” Pammy said. David blinked. “So.. none of you remember me being human?” Pammy

6:178Time to go swimming by Arbon

“I can put on Star hike if you want.” Keth suggests with a grin. “Ugh that show is such a

6:295Go Home by Stella Purple

6:220Suspicious men arrive by Arbon

Daniel was starting to get used to the idea of all eyes turning on her the moment she comes into vie

6:7Darkness consumed by Shuusuke

"You no what forget it, I am going back home!" Daniel yelled, as he ran off. "Don't be such a scare

6:307Run Out by monochromecheshire

Gassan in particular was sitting, his head snapping up in surprise as he spotted Daniel, his eyes wi

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