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6:7Darkness consumed by Shuusuke

6:12Not Worth It by Zodiac

Daniel knew he would only have one shot at freedom, and he was going to take it, whatever the risk.

6:10Glad You Could Join Us by Zodiac

Daniel slowly emerged from his mind's fog. He knew he was waking up, but strangely couldn't remember

6:146Simple truth by Arbon

Daniel took a moment to glance about the room. The scent of fresh food baking in the kitchen to th

6:120Driving by Jack Ripper

Pammy smiled as she led them to the car. The five piled in and David stuck his horn out the window,

6:109No Parents by Jack Ripper

Jake nodded, his trembling hands spilling a bit of the water on his khaki cargo shorts. “You got i

6:308The Change by monochromecheshire

However, as he did so, Daniel took notice of a strange feeling of numbness beginning to take over hi

6:261A dragon by Serathin

"A dragon, yes," the reptilian creature finished Daniel's sentence as it sat on its hind legs and ru

6:229Shopping? by catprog

"Anway, to make it up to you" starts Pammy "You and me are going shopping right now."

"But what ab

6:180Gaming by Ashley-natter

When the matter of the flying werewolf first surfaced,you thought it only another stupid hoax or int

6:252Another change? by skiesofsilver

Daniel woke up in the middle of the night panting because of how hot. He thrashed against his blanke

6:168Lakeside Arival. by Arbon

The girl and her lioness were both pleased to see there was no repeat of rude drivers forcing them i

6:40Bones and doghouses by PaulShepherd

Dan saw the "dog" option and thinks to himself "Hmm, dogs are pretty cool. Too bad I didn't hav

6:228Back to reality by catprog

The room fades returning back to the normal hallway. Daniel stands their in shock as just how quickl

6:164Travel by foot. by Arbon

The engine revved, the truck started forward with a puttering noise. The tires kicked up dirt and ro

6:179The water is fine. by Arbon

“How about this, I’ve just spent over half the day in an intensive strenuous workout of every pa

6:61Jake by zanian

``Although it is dangerous, one of us will have to go back there, to find him; as much as I would lo

6:103"So why us?" by Cole Stryker

"So why us? Why do you need me and...and them? What does this," she gestured to the opened book, "ha

6:205Into the room by lulu-illussions

Daniel took a deep breath and headed towards the door. It looked utterly ordinarily, but the green l

6:172Decline his request by Arbon

“I don’t even know what a hippogriff is, if you’re going to make silly bets then isn’t it ch

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