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6:254The internet by skiesofsilver

6:217Rats?! by lulu-illussions

Rats?! Daniel shook his head violently and backed away. “What´s wrong with him?” Jake

6:246Lori asks you’re age. by Arbon

“I said, uh …” Lori starts up, her hands reaching out to grip at Daniel’s shoulder. One arm

6:23Nanotechnology research station by Hnhn

As Daniel approached a bunker his friends separated, he traveled down the stairs. There were several

6:185It Begins by Ashley-natter

The sky is suddenly covered with artillery fire from the positions on Earth, the shells simply appea

6:118David's Change by Jack Ripper

The door whipped opened and Gazala dashed in on all fours, leaving David in the fog filled garage. W

6:50The Approach by zanian

He decided to approach them, to see what was troubling them; perhaps it wasn't the time to disc

6:116Gassan by Jack Ripper

“Dani was right, the fog changes us and makes it so we’re the only ones who remember. Let me gue

6:137Go Home by Picklessauce69

Home is just too hard to resist. Starting to head back the familiar path back home, Dan mulled over

6:231Missed by catprog

With a smell of burning rubber the car finally stops , just meters from the deer.

The deer looks

6:245Accept the deal, preening from a fish. by Arbon

“I’ll help you however much I can, but I’m already telling the truth. Why don’t you tell the

6:158A different way to get iron. by Arbon

A different scent wafts into the air now, causing Daniel’s head to turn at the familiar aroma. Ang

6:87Back to Pammy by Sparrow the Wolf

In the main room, Pammy sits in waiting as Gassan finally makes it back to her. Gassan’s head begi

6:19Paranormal by Zodiac

Dan hesitated. He knew this might be the only time his captors would give him a choice in his fate,

6:108Jake by Jack Ripper

Jake soon sat up, listening in on the conversation. He’d been an avid fan of the “furry fandom

6:68A kitsune vixen by zanian

The white room. This time, he didn't have the luxury of losing himself in a pleasant dream befo

6:169Keth Joins in the fun. by Arbon

“Won’t you have problems actually getting customers if you riddle at anyone who needs a ride?”

6:239Owl and Spider by FluffyPony

A promise is a bond. A lie is a shackle that weighs down the heart. These were the strange phrases e

6:259The Lab by Serathin

The sound of the clock ticking filled the air as the young man sat opposite the desk of an older bal

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