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6:8Taking the high road by Shuusuke

6:81Gassan by Sparrow the Wolf

Gassan stands in an old closet-like room. Scattered among shelves are old books, pieces of paper wit

6:32So you picked full what now by Draiko

After you press Full two buttons appear "MALE" and "FEMALE", you first click Male and are shown a ma

6:277Accident by Stella Purple

6:249Back at home by skiesofsilver

Daniel awoke not screaming, surprised, or shocked, but in a relative haze as he yawned,one arm lifti

6:204Into the building by lulu-illussions

Daniel expected the door to be locked, but it opened as soon as Pammy pushed the handle. They all we

6:101Through the Door by Cole Stryker

The speaker shut off and left her in silence again. Who knows what's behind that door, all she

6:332Jump and Darkness by catprog

"Power levels dropping. Enemy very close. Attempt final two now" the computer says before cutting of

6:293The Sweet Side of Him by Stella Purple

She was still cautious around Jake, much because his eyes kept on reeling on her body, especially wh

6:25A small tour of the labs by Hnhn

“Can I have time to think about it?” said Daniel “Yes, we are not in the right lab any

6:55Awake by zanian

When he awoke from the toxin induced slumber, he wasn't in the forest anymore; he expected to b

6:109No Parents by Jack Ripper

Jake nodded, his trembling hands spilling a bit of the water on his khaki cargo shorts. “You got i

6:159No one believes it. by Arbon

“Ah, I see.” Charley strokes his chin, looking like someone pretending to be thoughtful without

6:211Morning by lulu-illussions

“Noooo!” Daniel sat up on his bed, gripping the bed sheets so hard that they tore. His heart

6:284Unicorn by Stella Purple

“Woah, what is this? I can’t believe it! A unicorn! Where did she come from?” Jake, like David

6:214To the friends by lulu-illussions

Only then he realized that he´s a griffon and people who will see him in the street would probably

6:321Answers? by catprog

She looks over the rest of the room again. The room is completely empty.

Except for one thing. Ju

6:198Let´s do it by lulu-illussions

“Fine then. Let´s do it.” Daniel wasn´t sure if it was a good idea, but he felt that something

6:152Try to convince him by Arbon

Daniel could tell his mind was addled by something, his lips betrayed him and he did not have the

6:121Learning to Fly by FluffyPony

He sighed, cautious in his skepticism. To be asked to fly without a machine seemed odd, even if he h

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