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6:253A sick day by skiesofsilver

6:104Jake by FluffyPony

While they ate, he watched as covertly as was possible to see if he could distinguish between their

6:443Random Clothes by Ashley-natter

"No. No way," she said. "You must be joking if you think you are going to wear that!"

Danielle blu

6:309A new life? by monochromecheshire

Her skin eased to a light grey color, the flesh of her now much smaller body fairly smooth. Her no r

6:65Nope. by zanian

``System error; subject seem to be immune to the solution. Data must be analyzed, before testing res

6:273Back home by catprog

Pammy is waiting for her outside.

“Everything Ok?” Pammy says.

She nods “Apparently there

6:160They offer to lend a ride by Arbon

It was a quiet day as the sun rose higher, too hot to risk taking off. Daniel managed to scarf down

6:520His Sister by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf

The figure had bright amethyst eyes that glowed brightly and intense. The others didn’t say a

6:215Relief by lulu-illussions

“Oh. Thanks God,” Pammy exhaled, looking utterly relieved. “Boys?” she called back into the

6:128Laugh by crimsonstar

Jake immediately fractured into laughter. So did David, and when Daniel finally processed the whole

6:323Reject the Collar by catprog

"Do you think I am stupid?" She asks. "I put this on and it accelerates the change."

The voice lau

6:466Getting used to it by Kolaghan

Having suddenly became a woman posed a lot of strange questions for Daniel. Was she still herself? W

6:124Peace by crimsonstar

However, after contemplating existence, he decided to make peace with his new self. He may have thou

6:348Follow the tail by monochromecheshire

Unable to help her own growing curiosity, Daniel swam toward the coral patch - peeking behind it, on

6:364Awake by catprog

Vision returned to her, along with her full mind.

Daniele looked around, she appeared to be in a

6:408Dinner by lulu-illussions

They went to their favourite dinner place to have tacos. It´s been a while since they just hanged a

6:267"What do you mean?" by Catprog

"What do you mean? How should I be acting? I am supposed to just accept this?" The voice continu

6:116Gassan by Jack Ripper

“Dani was right, the fog changes us and makes it so we’re the only ones who remember. Let me gue

6:363Investigate by catprog

She followed the scent and soon had found her meal, chewing down on it her appetite now satisfied. H

6:296The Cool Girl by Stella Purple

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