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6:330Answers for the crew by catprog

6:108Jake by Jack Ripper

Jake soon sat up, listening in on the conversation. He’d been an avid fan of the “furry fandom

6:48Mermaids? by Universal6 + Catprog

He nods. "I think that would be a good idea to get me used to the process. "

She grins "Ok."


6:116Gassan by Jack Ripper

“Dani was right, the fog changes us and makes it so we’re the only ones who remember. Let me gue

6:328Answers by catprog

"I am a scout ship. My designation I cannot remember." the computer voice add "My status is limited,

6:19Paranormal by Zodiac

Dan hesitated. He knew this might be the only time his captors would give him a choice in his fate,

6:159No one believes it. by Arbon

“Ah, I see.” Charley strokes his chin, looking like someone pretending to be thoughtful without

6:227The echo returns by catprog

As he leaves the room the echo starts again, "Daniel is now a female. Time to make her more female."

6:222Flee to the skies by Arbon

A paw slams down toward Keth, the sphinx growling out. “Climb on, we’re getting out of here.

6:102"Where are my friends?" by Cole Stryker

She stumbled towards him. "Where are my friends?" The man turned and smiled up at her. He had rich

6:50The Approach by zanian

He decided to approach them, to see what was troubling them; perhaps it wasn't the time to disc

6:304A Memory with a Clue? by monochromecheshire

Once he felt he was ready, Daniel lay back down, resting his head on the pillow and closing his eyes

6:280Call for help. by Stella Purple

6:164Travel by foot. by Arbon

The engine revved, the truck started forward with a puttering noise. The tires kicked up dirt and ro

6:296The Cool Girl by Stella Purple

6:312Skunk by foxyscribe

“A skunk okay? A skunk…damn it, why …are…you-“ he didn’t finish his thought. Those words

6:60A few days later by zanian

It has been a few days since Daniel went missing; although he was a quiet character, he was still so

6:309A new life? by monochromecheshire

Her skin eased to a light grey color, the flesh of her now much smaller body fairly smooth. Her no r

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