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6:248To Area 50 by skiesofsilver

6:306Unlock by monochromecheshire

The chest had nothing but the lock keeping its secret shut away from the Daniel; damn, now he had to

6:503Legs merged for tail by catprog

"We will be merging your legs into a fish tail"

"A mermaid? Your turning me into a mermaid." Danie

6:393Home by Flutterbest

Daniel could feel soft blankets surrounding him and cool sheets hugging his legs. His body felt enti

6:216Try and talk by lulu-illussions

Daniel didn´t understand. He shook his head and tried to talk, but only the animal shrieks came out

6:100Awake by Cole Stryker

Where the hell...what the...where am I?

Gassan's eyes fluttered open to a blinding lig

6:500The next stage by catprog

"Please come with me, Daniel" the scientist says.

"And if I don't?" she asks.

"This will happen"

6:209Back into the room by lulu-illussions

Feeling rush of relief, Daniel stepped into the corridor. It looked like the one with the stairs and

6:451Explore by Ashley-natter

Most of the clubs and bars in the street had the smell of stale beer, unwashed bodies, and piss, but

6:371"Calm down" by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf

"Calm down," A voice said in Daniel's mind. "This state is only temporary," Daniel looked around him

6:123Tigress by crimsonstar

Daniel was horrified. For a second, he couldn´t speak or move. He touched himself, struggling to re

6:514Her Change by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf

She lurched upwards and gasped slightly. His eyes flashed back and forth observing her surroundin

6:390Real Life Appearance by catprog

As she sits down at the table, she notices the man sitting across from her. “Who are you?” she

6:409Somwhere new by lulu-illussions

“I know about great place where we could go,” David said. “For camping, I mean.”

“Oh, I

6:297Acceptance by Stella Purple

6:174Angel Arrives with a Fish. by Arbon

While Daniel was moping into her paws the sudden jogging leaps of a woman in tight shorts, a loose m

6:327The crew by catprog

"Detecting relationship with beings. Scanning for problems"

A wall lights up displaying the others

6:446"Two marguerites!" Pammy replied cheery. by Ashley-natter

"Two marguerites!" Pammy replied cheery.

The bartender looked him over and asked for an ID. Daniel

6:247Dare: bring something back by skiesofsilver

"Dare," Daniel said. "I'll go for a dare."

It was silly, something that a senior in high school sh

6:457Pammy by Ashley-natter

She met with Pammy at a small coffee house on the way to school. The pompous bistro was still openin

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