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6:395The Call by Flutterbest

6:257Concern by skiesofsilver

“Dani?” she heard her mom say.

Daniel squeaked and pulled her panties up and found something

6:90David's turn by Sparrow the Wolf

“What is going on?! What… is… is that… Pam?!” David is flustered and panicked, while Jake

6:252Another change? by skiesofsilver

Daniel woke up in the middle of the night panting because of how hot. He thrashed against his blanke

6:333Search for answers by catprog

"Ok, we need to find some light? Do any of you have your torches?" asks Pammy.

Their is a shufflin

6:375A male by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf

She tripped and yelped loudly. She looked about in a frantic panic. She was wondering how long it wo

6:224Towards the Light by catprog

With the light at least offering a destination the group heads towards it. The chatting about the si

6:293The Sweet Side of Him by Stella Purple

She was still cautious around Jake, much because his eyes kept on reeling on her body, especially wh

6:91David's turn by Sparrow the Wolf

“What is going on?! What… is… is that… Pam?!” David is flustered and panicked, while Jake

6:221Daniel Takes charge and roars. by Arbon

She was in control, and she knew it. She was powerful, she was large, and even tired and full she

6:37Leafy Greens Will Make You Grow Up Big and Strong by Kibaoftheleaves

"Uhh..." Daniel stares at the choices. "Plant or animal? Really? Plant? Okay, even under the horrifi

6:158A different way to get iron. by Arbon

A different scent wafts into the air now, causing Daniel’s head to turn at the familiar aroma. Ang

6:228Back to reality by catprog

The room fades returning back to the normal hallway. Daniel stands their in shock as just how quickl

6:311Truth: “What are you?” by foxyscribe

What are you?” Pammy asked calmly

Dan was a little taken aback, this had happened so fast that h

6:113No change? by Jack Ripper

It was Gassan who looked her over head to toe, confused. “You said you got changed, Dani. What hap

6:301In his room by monochromecheshire

But, Daniel wasn’t planning on giving them that satisfaction anytime soon. Biting his lip nervousl

6:127Dinner with grandparents by crimsonstar

That´s right. Daniel had totally forgot. They had scheduled dinner with his grandparents weeks ago.

6:201Follow Him by lulu-illussions

Daniel followed Gassan, carefully watching where he was stepping. So far, they didn´t see anything

6:96The Reveal by FluffyPony

When he awoke, it was like someone played hell on his muscles. Everything hurt in some unexpected wa

6:352Speak by monochromecheshire

Sure, they were all curious about her, but they handed uttered a word or phrase - that alone was odd

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