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4:4taking in the atmosphere by illya

You walk to a table away from any of the action. Making sure you have a good view of the hooded stra

4:139Female Skunk Taur by catprog + Aurana

The first thing you find is a large black and white tail growing out from your tailbone. As you look

4:77Female Digimon by

You decide to become a female digimon. After all you don't want to change gende

4:187To the Bar by Picklessauce69

Obviously, you need to retrieve the necklace and become a human again. You can't function norma

4:215Otter by palantean-writer

It was the sound of ringing that first pulled Lycan Gruff out of the haze unconsciousness. Ringing a

4:673. Tamers by catprog

->a male digimon ->a female digimon ->a male character from the show ->a female character from th

4:78Non human character by catprog

As you shuffle around the bar you realise that you are a non human character disguised as a human.4:81Jackie Chan Adventures by

You jump to into the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. You open your eyes to find yourself in the body

4:61A Common Pokemon by Lost

Thoughts of near-infinite power rush to your head as you read the manual of this reality-hopping doo

4:50Breakfast fishing by Jarrod

You head outside to find some fish to eat, but notice that all of the fish that have been left behin

4:246Birds by ovelymars908

The girl walked for another seven minutes while paying special to the addresses until she found th

4:143Unicorn TG by Catprog + Sadie

The first thing you notice is your hands shifting, your fingers curling up as they are replaced by

4:127WTFBBQ? by Mr.Peaches

     Unfortunately, you have no idea what a digimatridemondevilfoxwolf or w

4:34Shopping! by Mr.Peaches

You think to yourself; what's the good of being in the Pokemon world... if you don't get to sociali

4:28Pick Thine Poison by Mr.Peaches

Paul's buddy steps back in surprise. He scowls.

"All right, prisoner, back against the wall."


4:79Living toaster. by catprog

You go down to the kitchen to grab some toast. However instead of a toaster there is only a small dr

4:129Mobian by Prime Metallix

Ah, a member of the Mobian race. Nice choice, seeing as there's so many to chose from. So, who's it

4:63Were-creature by

As you shuffle around the bar you realise that you are a were-creature.

What species and are you

4:230The girl by Snore23

Mirrsola blinked in agony. Her head swam, her arms hurt, and her neck was encircled by something tha

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