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4:62Reality Jump Lesson by catprog

As you come to grip with your new body you notice someone who is like you but female.

"So did it

4:187To the Bar by Picklessauce69

Obviously, you need to retrieve the necklace and become a human again. You can't function norma

4:2waterworld by catprog

You switch realities to a world that is almost all water.

The journey disorients you a bit.


4:71male digimon by

You decide to become a male digimon.After all you don't want to change genders as

4:160Lazy day by Zorpix

A fly buzzes around your head, and you angrily swat at it, wondering how it got in the room. As your

4:228Behind by Snore23

“Never!” shouted a voice behind him! He spun, swinging his hammer. The wind whistled with

4:126Becoming A Lopunny by Rikki

You notice that your ears grow larger and longer, with tufts of creamy puffs of fur on them. Your cl

4:81Jackie Chan Adventures by

You jump to into the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. You open your eyes to find yourself in the body

4:90Toast! by Won-Tolla

"Sure," you say, ignoring the little pun there. The dragon hops merrily over to the breadbox, pulls

4:109Viximon by Tsunari

You begin to feel yourself shrinking, your arms and legs shrinking and your toes and fingers all pul

4:248History by ovelymars908

Jenene woke up that next morning, her mind was still running with questions of what happened last

4:181Swim back to town by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

With one last look you swim off from the island. Legs kicking behind you you climb out on the edge o

4:112Matrix Digivolution by Tsunari

An urge rising in your throat you yell out Matrix Digivolution. In a grid lined space you look upon

4:270Wear it by MKnightium

He approached the crown very slowly, and reached his hand out for it, scaled fingers locking around

4:138Tails (female) by catprog

You think of becoming a partner for Tails.

Immediately your body starts growing orange fur and you

4:214Female? by palantean-writer

"Alright, Lycan, pull yourself together. You just-" In mid-sentence his voice cut short and his fing

4:50Breakfast fishing by Jarrod

You head outside to find some fish to eat, but notice that all of the fish that have been left behin

4:190Remain a sphinx by Picklessauce69

Surprisingly, you find yourself puffing up at the idea of holding such power. In fact, what better c

4:157Find out what is going on by Catprog + Sadie

You look around and notice that you have attratches a crowd of creatures. "What is going on?" you as

4:186Give in by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You head back to the enclosure. She is waiting for you her ears and tail clearly visible "Are you re

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