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4:193Ask for more by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

"It is so big. I would think you could fit more in here then just two. I think they would be lone

4:287Jump by catprog

"We are going to have to jump. See that branch almost in reach?" George says before jumping.

He gr

4:134A little mistake...? by Punchmaster

Well, isn't this something. Of all of the choices you had, you came back to Metal Sonic. He's been a

4:110Biomerge Activate by Tsunari

You notice a Renamon standing ten feet in front of you. She smiles at you and welcomes you closer w

4:12Freedom, for a price by Umassday

The noise that you are hearing is coming from outside the cell. You hide in a dark corner of the roo

4:257But what one? by Ethbot

So, you choose to jump into back to the future. But which one?

4:148Wait.... am I really in another reality? by Universal6

You open your eyes, shielding them from the bright light as they adjust. As everything dims down, yo

4:210Alterntive Scenarios from Other Stories by catprog

This is for characters from the other stories in other scenarios.

4:142School Time by Catprog + Poni

You whirl from the changes that so recently occured and nod. He smiles "You din't forget me d

4:80Animal TF by catprog

As you are lying in bed you feel funny. You get up , only to see that you are changing. But to what?

4:267Write by MKnightium

“Hrrrrgggg…” He snarled, trying to force words out once more; as to be expected, nothing. But,

4:172Escape by Picklessauce69

"No! No!" You try to say, thinking perhaps if you just say something then they'd understand how

4:275Mermaid by Catprog + Locke Miller

The water starts to seep in through the gaps in the doors, changing everything that it touches. Th

4:198Head away from all water by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

So it seems like you need to find a place nowhere near any water to stop the change. But with the zo

4:119A whole new world by kaparadude

A female Rayquaza squirms around you, checking out your body. She seemed rather curious. "Welcome to

4:152Other Victims by HawlSera + Catprog

You sit there collecting yourself until you hear a knock on the side of the pod. Looking out you s

4:248History by ovelymars908

Jenene woke up that next morning, her mind was still running with questions of what happened last

4:161Bar Fight by Zorpix

As the faces close in around you, you suddenly realize why someone might have wanted to switch out o

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