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4:226To the Noise by Snore23

With a mighty leap, he jumped off the building into a nearby tree, sliding down the trunk onto the g

4:235Stop Her by Snore23

To those gathered it seemed a golden blur shot from where Paul had been standing to where Mirrsola p

4:71male digimon by

You decide to become a male digimon.After all you don't want to change genders as

4:191Riddle by Picklessauce69

"Relax" you boom, feeling your voice rumble deep in your chest now but comes out with a melodic purr

4:168Quality control is going to love you by Zorpix

Pulling your head away from the door, you shake it in distrust. No. This place is too creepy. You’

4:28Pick Thine Poison by Mr.Peaches

Paul's buddy steps back in surprise. He scowls.

"All right, prisoner, back against the wall."


4:135Waking up... by Punchmaster

There is nothing but darkness. Usually, if it were this dark, you'd feel cold. But you feel nothing

4:253A truth by ovelymars908

Fortunately, Jenene had all weekend to tell her parents everything about Mr. Horne. That moment of h

4:231Leaving by Snore23

His voice sounded tense, his eyes sweeping the forest nearby, looking down at her, then back at the

4:227Attack by Snore23

Paul had enough. He wasn’t going to stand around and watched some poor girl get raped! The—Hyado

4:63Were-creature by

As you shuffle around the bar you realise that you are a were-creature.

What species and are you

4:77Female Digimon by

You decide to become a female digimon. After all you don't want to change gende

4:206Take it back by catprog

Securing the container to your suit you begin to move back to the airlock. Despite the lack of gravi

4:126Becoming A Lopunny by Rikki

You notice that your ears grow larger and longer, with tufts of creamy puffs of fur on them. Your cl

4:673. Tamers by catprog

->a male digimon ->a female digimon ->a male character from the show ->a female character from th

4:74Part Human... by

You decide to become a part human part pokemon creature.

What pokemon and how much human do you wa

4:181Swim back to town by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

With one last look you swim off from the island. Legs kicking behind you you climb out on the edge o

4:185Fight it by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You finally truly see your changing body. You are more tiger than human! Looking back towards the

4:162Grungy Furs by Zorpix

You decide your chances of finding someone helpful will be better in the city. More people, more opp

4:100I'm looking through you. by Won-Tolla

As you start drowning, you marvel at the bad timing of whoever is behind this reality shifting thing

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