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4:25Shiny Rayquaza by DragonsXPS

You chose to become the legendary pokemon Rayquaza!

As you enter the portal to the pokemon world y

4:117The Arena by kaparadude

Looking around you see THOUSANDS of people who have come to see a mewtwo allegedly be caught and tam

4:49The Not-Quite-Earth by Jarrod

You awaken in your normal bed, at the normal time, in the abnormal fashion of having 15,000 cubic me

4:50Breakfast fishing by Jarrod

You head outside to find some fish to eat, but notice that all of the fish that have been left behin

4:194Look around the zoo by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You head back out from the exhibit, and look around the zoo. It seems like you are in the aquatic s

4:88You ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog... by Lost

You look at the strange machine wondering if it can really do what it says it can. You push a green

4:189Change back by Picklessauce69

"What to do?! What to do!?" Your mind spins, whirring before you suddenly hunch down. You lips drag

4:221But which. by Dr.Cynical

All right! But, Who?

4:133The machines...! by Punchmaster

Hm. You'd like to go it as a robot, eh? Alrighty, then. Who would you like to go as?

4:24Pokemon by

Well what pokemon are you going to be?

4:51Toast for breakfast! by Jarrod

Heading down into the kitchen, leaving the oddness of the Pacific ocean, you add some bread to the t

4:145At the King's Castle. by Dustomega

You run to the pipe, remembering how you always thought Bowser was cool, and sometimes even funny. Y

4:11Elven Help by Umassday

You turn to face the one who seemed to help you. You look and see an elf, you can tell by the fairne

4:97Kerrokovian province, come for the work, stay for the work. by

You choose to go to Kerrokovian province, because hey, that's why you became a reality jumper, to se

4:6I Say, What's that Man Doing in that Machine? by Mr.Peaches

You take some time to frolic in the water, pumping your tail and leaving some serious bubble trails.

4:176Back Home by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You get home and immediately go to the fridge to get a steak out. Sticking it onto the frypan. But

4:95Dragon by catprog

As you go through your mind trying to figure out what you are, it clicks. You are a dragon, but what

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