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4:102Female version of the male digi-destine's digimon by catprog

*Patamon Family *Agumon Family *Gabumon Family *Gomamon Family *Tentomon Family

4:76Rapidash by hypobonix

you are still standing as your feet start to form into hooves fire is starting to spread on the back

4:171The patrons by Picklessauce69

"What the bloody hell?" Someone blurted, the burly man from the bar, rising up from where he sat at

4:32I Have Confidence in Me! by Mr.Peaches

With a flish and a flash, there you are, in the big ol', shiny ol' Pokemon world. Lo and behold, you

4:219Error by catprog

"Error" the voice says "Target data corrupted. Loading new random profile"

Your mouth and nose str

4:101Female Digimon by catprog

*Female digi-destine's digimon *Female version of the male digi-destine's digimon *A Villian *An

4:189Change back by Picklessauce69

"What to do?! What to do!?" Your mind spins, whirring before you suddenly hunch down. You lips drag

4:195Eat the fish by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You pick up a fish and put it in your mouth, biting down...immediately you spit it out, but there wa

4:188Distract the inn keeper by Picklessauce69

All those that had followed you earlier had long since returned to the safety of the lighted buildin

4:49The Not-Quite-Earth by Jarrod

You awaken in your normal bed, at the normal time, in the abnormal fashion of having 15,000 cubic me

4:71male digimon by

You decide to become a male digimon.After all you don't want to change genders as

4:100I'm looking through you. by Won-Tolla

As you start drowning, you marvel at the bad timing of whoever is behind this reality shifting thing

4:187To the Bar by Picklessauce69

Obviously, you need to retrieve the necklace and become a human again. You can't function norma

4:221But which. by Dr.Cynical

All right! But, Who?

4:51Toast for breakfast! by Jarrod

Heading down into the kitchen, leaving the oddness of the Pacific ocean, you add some bread to the t

4:190Remain a sphinx by Picklessauce69

Surprisingly, you find yourself puffing up at the idea of holding such power. In fact, what better c

4:184Continue heading home by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You walk off towards what you hope is your home, the thoughts of what you will find when you get the

4:99Look upon my work, ye mighty, and despair by Won-Tolla

Emperor of the World!

Now there's a rank you could have some fun with. Or is it all a cruel joke?

4:186Give in by Cason Whitlock + Catprog

You head back to the enclosure. She is waiting for you her ears and tail clearly visible "Are you re

4:63Were-creature by

As you shuffle around the bar you realise that you are a were-creature.

What species and are you

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