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3:371A Different Kind of Lost by neonsilver

Current Form: Red Fox Current Gender: MaleFemale3:79Hybrid Classes by catprog

Booming Voice "Welcome to the class for creatures that belong to more then one class"

3:47Roo's and wallabies. by underdrag

You walk through the door, and the door is suddenly shut behind you.

You look around and see not

3:40Mammals by underdrag

Booming Voice: "Welcome to the Class of Mamillia" The doors have written on them names of the orde

3:110Araneae by catprog

You notice one of the symbols has Araneae written under it.

Not knowing what it is you press it.3:297Correct answer by Hnhn

Correct answer After doing the math in your head you decide that letter A is the correct answer. Y

3:302So you are greedy and think you could leave that easily? by Hnhn

You walk through the door and are electrocuted, you scream in pain then collapse to the ground. You

3:363Doctor Who? by Anonymous

As soon as you select Doctor Who you find yourself turning slowly back into a human. Yo

3:260Just Keep Swimming by Zodiac

You decided that there can't be any harm in taking a little swim, so you jump into the pool and head

3:234Other by catprog

What Other OS?

3:370Stray Not From Thy Path oh Brave Explorer by neonsilver

Current Form: Red Fox Current Gender: MaleFemale3:164On the other side by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow)

You find yourself in a humongous room. You look back and find many doo

3:329White by Chrysalis

Since Kim was the first to try the last machine, you decide to test this one. The door shuts and the

3:160The Falcons by catprog

You only see 4 doors.

They all have a name burnt into the door.

>Accipitridae >Pandionidae >Fa

3:126Domestic Horse by catprog

Which breed of Domestic Horse?

3:369Just go Straight Ahead. by neonsilver

Current Form: Red Fox Current Gender: Male Current Stature: Feral Nights in this form: 0 Men

3:95Upper/Late Triassic (Tr3) by catprog

What Dinosaur?

3:1Transformation Mansion by Catprog

There are many points in the mansion where you will change forms.

The more nights you spend in a f

3:48Lizard by underdrag

You suddenly feel warm, but dissmiss it as your overactive imagination playing tricks on you again

3:33doors by Chris

After you realize what you have become, 3 doors open before you.

From the first one a light is sh

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