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3:23A few more changes... by nothingsp

As you stand there on all fours, trying to get a grip on what just happened, another wave of changes

3:147Sony by catprog

Which playstaion?

1,2 or 3

3:20a male symbol card. by

As you pick up the card a tingle runs through your body.

Looking over yourself you realise your a

3:170$URL Maze/1/95 West/FEMALE by catprog

3:272More doors by Hnhn

There are three more doors before you. One with a strange symbol another with no markings but the do

3:33doors by Chris

After you realize what you have become, 3 doors open before you.

From the first one a light is sh

3:259Skip This Machine by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow) You find a machine with 2 toggle switchs

3:381Stay in the foutain by Curtis

You decide to stay in the fountain. Who knows where the tunnels lead? Maybe you might end up as some

3:317 backtracking trick by catprog

You decide to trick them by walking back along the track and then brushing your new track out. You

3:382I hate you, Mr. No-Body by Lupafel

You run around the lobby, trying to process what just happened. "Mr. Voice, I know I had to transfo

3:269West by Zodiac

You decide that looking for the mermaid would be fruitless, and hanging around in the rotunda would

3:144Nintendo by catprog

Which nintendo console?

>NES >SNES >N64 >GC >Wii

3:12Chordate by

The same voice booms "Welcome to the phylum of Chordate"

You notice the doors have the name of one

3:65Why Must We Research Plant Phylums? by Mr.Peaches

The green-smelling room has a few doors, each with an equally incomprehensible Latin word. You choo

3:237The other hawk arives by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow) The other hawk then arrives

"So what did you find?" she asks?

"I fou

3:54Panthera by

Booming Voice: "Welcome to the Genus of Panthera" The doors have written on them names of the Specie

3:100Lower/Early Cretaceous by catprog

What Dinosaur

3:156East by Zodiac

You head down the hallway nervously. Something seems decidedly wrong...there are no doors in this ha

3:172$URL Maze/1/95 East/FEMALE by catprog

3:51You don't look a day over 65million years. by underdrag

You wake up and find that you have turned into some kind of dinosaur!

But from which time period?

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