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3:206Find and press a button by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow) After searching for a while you find a hidden button and press it.


3:111Opiliones by catprog

You notice one of the symbols has Opiliones written under it.

Not knowing what it is you press it.

3:256Skip this Machine by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow)

Next machine is

--.. -. -.- / .--. ..- -. . - .-. / ... ...- .. .-. /

3:93Lower/Early Triassic (Scythian) by catprog

What Dinosaur

3:152The Dream by Zodiac

You stay in bed, which is a very good idea. The only way to truly escape the mansion is to forget it

3:243Blue by catprog


full original-gender

3:43Great Southern Land. by underdrag

You choose the door labeled

"Diprotodontia: koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums, etc."

You ope

3:19a female symbol card. by

As you pick up the card a tingle runs through your body.

Looking over yourself you realise your a

3:270Looking around by Kibaoftheleaves

You shake yourself a bit to try to get used to the feeling of being a quadruped. You stumble as you

3:349Kitchen by StripeKazama

You go to the kitchen and suddenly find a bottle of what looks to be lemonade. You grab the bottle a

3:101Triceratops by catprog

You first notice that your on 4 legs. You then notice the horns sticking out of your head.

You qui

3:23A few more changes... by nothingsp

As you stand there on all fours, trying to get a grip on what just happened, another wave of changes

3:265You Jumped In (Moron!) by Another Guy Like You

You decide to get wet and leap into the fountain. You feel the cold, crisp water cling to your fur a

3:291Turret room and first test by Hnhn

You go left. The door opens automatically and then closes behind you. The room you are in is identic

3:134Walk Around by haladur

You walk down a hallway.

You have trouble due to your new wings.

You keep walking to find a numb

3:78Equus by catprog

Booming Voice: "Please pick your new Species"

3:55Lynx by

Booming Voice: "Welcome to the Genus of Lynx" The doors have written on them names of the species of

3:370Stray Not From Thy Path oh Brave Explorer by neonsilver

Current Form: Red Fox Current Gender: MaleFemale3:118Merman? Oh man! by Won-Tolla

"I wonder..." you say thoughtfully, interrupting yourself with a surprised gasp at the sound of your

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