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3:229Other by catprog

which one?

3:96Lower/Early Jurassic by catprog

What Dinosaur

3:260Just Keep Swimming by Zodiac

You decided that there can't be any harm in taking a little swim, so you jump into the pool and head

3:155Give Up by Zodiac

3:43Great Southern Land. by underdrag

You choose the door labeled

"Diprotodontia: koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums, etc."

You ope

3:337Just an Ape-tizer by Chrysalis

As a lizard, most of the dishes at the banquet are larger than you. You decide to go with something

3:45Flap your wings and fly! by underdrag

You walk through the door and booming voice says "Welcome to the phylum of Aves!"

You see a

3:160The Falcons by catprog

You only see 4 doors.

They all have a name burnt into the door.

>Accipitridae >Pandionidae >Fa

3:277Doors, and more doors by Hnhn

There are many doors, one has an eye over it, another looks sturdily locked, there is another with a

3:153The Rock Creature by Zodiac

The thing you bump into appears to be a rather bulky human, except that he (you think it's a he) is

3:6The one with the tree chart on it by

You go through the door.

You look back and find that the door has gone.

You are left with 2 door

3:90Triassic by catprog

Which Time Period?

3:349Kitchen by StripeKazama

You go to the kitchen and suddenly find a bottle of what looks to be lemonade. You grab the bottle a

3:329White by Chrysalis

Since Kim was the first to try the last machine, you decide to test this one. The door shuts and the

3:103West by Zodiac

You head for the door to the west, and try to open it. It's locked. You try harder, and it still won

3:302So you are greedy and think you could leave that easily? by Hnhn

You walk through the door and are electrocuted, you scream in pain then collapse to the ground. You

3:278Fox to human to deer by Hnhn

You are suddenly human for a brief moment but then you begin to change. You feel a bulge from your b

3:13Reptiles by

Once again the same voice booms. This time it is "Welcome to the class of Sauropsida"

You notice t

3:388Collared by feder

Your train of thought is brought to a sudden, sharp halt when you feel a gentle weight around your n

3:294The Hall of Hooves by Chrysalis

The Hall of Hooves turns out to be an accurate, if not terribly imaginative, name. It's a hall full

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