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3:330Red by Chrysalis

You decide it's your turn to go first in this machine. The door shuts as soon as you're inside. Kim

3:49Embarking! by Mr.Peaches

Off you go, galumphing along the cold floor, your lizardly senses confusing you thoroughly with eve

3:83Round Two by Zodiac

The waitress continues with her work, and you continue eating. You're sure she intended to come back

3:297Correct answer by Hnhn

Correct answer After doing the math in your head you decide that letter A is the correct answer. Y

3:211Another change by Tsunari

Stepping through the door you feel yourself growing larger and becoming much stronger. Parts along

3:231Linux by catprog

Which Linux OS

3:121Varanus by catprog

"Now you must pick a species in the Varanus genus" annonces the booming voice.

3:64The Itsy Bitsy Spidurrrr... by Mr.Peaches

For reasons you can't directly fathom, you choose the door marked in small letters as "Arachnida."

3:298Incorrect answer by Hnhn

Several volts of lightning shoot from floor and the terminal. You twitch in agony then the bolts sto

3:341Red by catprog

You push the red button and all the buttons stop glowing.

The metal ball then starts sparking and

3:120Monotremata by catprog

"Welcome to the smallest order" says the Voice

"Which Species do you want"

"Long-beaked Echidna,

3:209Pursuit and help. by Tsunari

The vixen runs north of you and you decide to follow.

Ahead is a room that makes you extremely une

3:247Find It by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow) You find many piece of paper but their in some sort of code. You find on

3:13Reptiles by

Once again the same voice booms. This time it is "Welcome to the class of Sauropsida"

You notice t

3:300A test of morals by Hnhn

There is a solid sphere in the center of the room. There is the sound that resembles water swirling

3:136An Improbable Cave by Zodiac

You're about to give up all hope, when you come accross the entrance to a cave. Something inside you

3:225Nintendo by catprog

->Gameboy ->Gameboy Colour ->Gameboy Advanced ->DS ->Other

3:224Other by catprog

What Other ?

3:151The Voice's Choice by Zodiac

You're not sure how long you slept. You're not really sure if the bizarre cave, the the snowstorm, a

3:29Fire wolf by LorikFurdin

You pass through the door with a flame on it and you feel a bizarre warmth course through you. As yo

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