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3:367Finally Out of the Manison and with a.... by Anonymous

You decide to go through the door with the chest next to it. When you open the chest yo

3:14Turtles and tortoises by

Once again the same voice booms. This time it is "Welcome to the orders of Testudines"

You notice

3:58One Man's Passion, One Lonely World by Mr.Peaches

Well, that was curious.

Intrigued, you heave your long body up the staircase after the people wh

3:81Untiger by Won-Tolla


You blink a couple of times, and if you had hands you would rub your eyes. Here you have al

3:331Blue by Chrysalis

This time, you're the first to try out the machine. You step inside and ask Kim to press the blue bu

3:125horse-like animals by catprog

Which species do you want?

3:389No Problems by feder

You tell her no and that gets you more petting, her hands scritch-scritching under your chin as you

3:230Windows by catprog

Which Windows?

3:305Things are about to get chaotic... by Prime Metallix

You find a copy of one of the last games to be released for the Dreamcast; Sonic Adventure 2. What l

3:36People always said you were cold blooded. by underdrag

You feel an itching on the back of your hand and you go to scratch it. While you are scratching you

3:83Round Two by Zodiac

The waitress continues with her work, and you continue eating. You're sure she intended to come back

3:33doors by Chris

After you realize what you have become, 3 doors open before you.

From the first one a light is sh

3:110Araneae by catprog

You notice one of the symbols has Araneae written under it.

Not knowing what it is you press it.3:130Canidae by catprog

"Welcome to the family for dogs and close relatives"

"Now you must pick a Genus "

3:29Fire wolf by LorikFurdin

You pass through the door with a flame on it and you feel a bizarre warmth course through you. As yo

3:292People come and go so quickly here. by Chrysalis

Wait a minute. They've got a map?

Okay. You still don't know what's going on here, or who

3:351The Rise of the Battlemaid! by Rikki

You pad over to the small feather duster and take it with your maw, and suddenly a gust of wind surr

3:302So you are greedy and think you could leave that easily? by Hnhn

You walk through the door and are electrocuted, you scream in pain then collapse to the ground. You

3:65Why Must We Research Plant Phylums? by Mr.Peaches

The green-smelling room has a few doors, each with an equally incomprehensible Latin word. You choo

3:275Observation room by Hnhn

You go through the whole, you are in a room there is a large window that views the entrance to the m

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