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3:102Chosen by Zodiac

"Why am I here?" you ask. The voice hesitates for a moment.

"You are here," it answers, "for two r

3:224Other by catprog

What Other ?

3:120Monotremata by catprog

"Welcome to the smallest order" says the Voice

"Which Species do you want"

"Long-beaked Echidna,

3:112Palpigradi by catprog

You notice one of the symbols has Palpigradi written under it.

Not knowing what it is you press it

3:382I hate you, Mr. No-Body by Lupafel

You run around the lobby, trying to process what just happened. "Mr. Voice, I know I had to transfo

3:236Look for food by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow) As you perch on the branch you see a rabbit. You swoop down,grab it and

3:52Carnivora by

Booming Voice: "Welcome to the Class of Carnivora" The doors have written on them names of the fami

3:261A New Ally by Zodiac

Using your last ounce of air, you bubble, "I can carry you to the rotunda." Alright, it's a mouthful

3:140The one with the tv on it by catprog

You pad in to the room to see a giant wide screen tv along with every game system ever made. You not

3:331Blue by Chrysalis

This time, you're the first to try out the machine. You step inside and ask Kim to press the blue bu

3:60Attempt to wander. by White

You attempt to follow the road out, assuming that you can find a phone and try to get a ride home, b

3:389No Problems by feder

You tell her no and that gets you more petting, her hands scritch-scritching under your chin as you

3:97Middle Jurassic by catprog

What Dinosaur

3:152The Dream by Zodiac

You stay in bed, which is a very good idea. The only way to truly escape the mansion is to forget it

3:168$URL Maze/1/95 South/FEMALE by catprog

3:118Merman? Oh man! by Won-Tolla

"I wonder..." you say thoughtfully, interrupting yourself with a surprised gasp at the sound of your

3:43Great Southern Land. by underdrag

You choose the door labeled

"Diprotodontia: koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums, etc."

You ope

3:233Other Unix-like by catprog

Which Other Unix-like OS?

3:279Becoming a Skunk Waitress by Rikki

You then call the Waitress to you. She comes and then asks, "What would you like?"

Then you say, "

3:139Fountain by catprog

You dip your tail in the fountain.

It feels tingly.

You then bring it out of the fountain to see

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