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3:244Red by catprog


full reverse-original gender

3:136An Improbable Cave by Zodiac

You're about to give up all hope, when you come accross the entrance to a cave. Something inside you

3:51You don't look a day over 65million years. by underdrag

You wake up and find that you have turned into some kind of dinosaur!

But from which time period?

3:271To the Games Room by catprog

You go to the door and when you get close it opens. You go through and it closes behind you.

You s

3:78Equus by catprog

Booming Voice: "Please pick your new Species"

3:305Things are about to get chaotic... by Prime Metallix

You find a copy of one of the last games to be released for the Dreamcast; Sonic Adventure 2. What l

3:104Hybrid Order by catprog

Booming Voice "Welcome to the order for creatures that belong to more then one order"

3:349Kitchen by StripeKazama

You go to the kitchen and suddenly find a bottle of what looks to be lemonade. You grab the bottle a

3:17Dragon by

As you watch, scales start to grow all over your body, with a sharp pain you grow wings, you feel yo

3:226Sony by catprog

->PSP ->Other

3:319Which One? by Hank Sheffield

You decide to ignore the people and instead focus on the banquet. Which food do you choose?

3:115For the birds by Won-Tolla

You sit down with a resigned sigh. Looks like some maniac (possibly with a booming voice) has built

3:163Red-tailed Hawk by catprog

As you go past the door, your fur falls out only to be replaced by feathers. Your muzzle shrinks to

3:66Down In The Basement We Find a Maze by Lifeforce

You slowly slink around the first floor getting used to your new legs, until you find a staircase th

3:297Correct answer by Hnhn

Correct answer After doing the math in your head you decide that letter A is the correct answer. Y

3:164On the other side by catprog

(based on a RP with Arrow)

You find yourself in a humongous room. You look back and find many doo

3:365.....Lady?! by Anonymous

You look down at yourself and note the orbs on your chest. You can't believe you've regene

3:123Fire by Zodiac

You jump into the fire and die...

Just kidding. You actually don't die. You just wish you had. I

3:277Doors, and more doors by Hnhn

There are many doors, one has an eye over it, another looks sturdily locked, there is another with a

3:58One Man's Passion, One Lonely World by Mr.Peaches

Well, that was curious.

Intrigued, you heave your long body up the staircase after the people wh

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