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2:1183What’s that sound? by PrinceZahn

ou turn to see another large figure - human in shape – Tall, burly, strong, masculine, whiskered a

2:503Human Hang Gliders by Catprog & Cubist

You see a mountain up ahead—its peak is very high, certainly much greater than the altitude

2:353not the best visitor by leonmagus2

Just as you lay down a man come and says "ha ha look at you now so helpless dragons take him away to

2:685“You saw me get hurt?" by kergiby

“You saw me get hurt? Why didn’t you do anything? Why didn’t you stop that... thing?” “Be

2:1008Stay by Picklessauce69

Something in his wording strikes you. You realize, with a sinking sensation, that “leave” means

2:1172Bite by Stella Purple

2:47Lugia by

As you approach a costume you start to change. You (T

2:227Breaking the fall by Won-Tolla

As you make another attempt to reconnect with your wings in a more controlled manner, the air around

2:583Side effects of Kangarooing by Catprog & Cubist

"Alright," you reply. "I hadn’t been planning to do any flying at night anyway. So what’s this a

2:64Butterflymon by

As you look at the egg you realise that it is the digi-egg of knowledge.

You realise you are now

2:922Banding by Picklessauce69

A leather-like strap is criss-crossed over your chest and pulls your breasts tightly to you. A plate

2:919The First Race by Lone Wolf

Eventually, Swiftfoot looked to you, and motioned for you to follow him. Taking you away from the g

2:236...Or by catprog

You go to pick up the costume but your hands move right through it.

"Oh" says the Nessie "You mus

2:550Male nods by Catprog & Cubist

The male nods, then. "I believe I understand, and I will make sure you have an adequate supply of me

2:1134Snow Leopard by Jeeves

You slipped out of your clothes, into the fur of a fluffy, toothily grinning snow-leopard, and the v

2:1250Gates by catprog

When you regain your senses you are standing between two gates. One set of gates are opening.


2:837Wait and recover by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

She pleads with you to stay and fight. With little choice between your wounds and your predicament h

2:842Humans by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

It isn't until the last sounds of their vehicles fade into the distance, that you move again. S

2:775Flee by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

drenaline surges as dusk approaches and you've nowhere to go. Descerning that there are several thre

2:692Look at the bandage by kergiby

You pull the blankets from your legs and see your orange fur covered by a beige bandage that runs a

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