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2:509"Which portal are you talking about?" by Catprog & Cubist

'The' portal? As far as you know, there are millions of them, each one pouring out w

2:951Questions by falconess22

You shook your head indignantly. You were done with questions. You desired answers. 

"Why is this

2:637"Permanent?” by Catprog & Cubist


“Yes, most of the worlds have a way of making it permanent so all the limitations

2:2Myth Land by Catprog

2:359nothing impossible by leonmagus2

You head for your human body, the mage stand in your way but you jump on his back and over him the s

2:883Eastern Dragoness by Luckery

The door shut down at your behind pushing you inside the room, in exasperation you look back where

2:86The Light by Zodiac

You find that the light is coming from a lava pool. The mountain range must be volcanic!

You look

2:489In the Air by Catprog & Cubist

You read about your path. It seems like their is quite a few interesting features on the way there.

2:966In the mirror by grade-amasterpiece

You woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and a soft breeze blowing across your face.


2:858Insane Regeneration! by GameHero

You slowly return from your dead drop into unconsciousness, picking up different things with your se

2:1015Flee by Picklessauce69

“The kids will be safe in there! I can’t beat all of them anyways!” You jump forward towards t

2:451At the Tower. by Catprog & Cubist

You go back up, put your hunting outfit on and are about to go outside when your instincts stop you

2:395A building by catprog

as you approach the shape reveals itself as a largish building.

You find the door which slides ope

2:583Side effects of Kangarooing by Catprog & Cubist

"Alright," you reply. "I hadn’t been planning to do any flying at night anyway. So what’s this a

2:9Female Fictional Land by Catprog

You go through the door.

All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appear

2:1032Follow the Coast by Picklessauce69

2:747In the morning and a choice by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

Your second day comes with the morning shining down upon you and the rest of last night's meal

2:544Eating time by Catprog & Cubist

So: kitchen. You sniff the air, and sure enough, there's a mouth-watering aroma! Your nos

2:473Re Casting by Catprog & Cubist

You growl in annoyance before you re-cast the anthropomorphising spell from Alterations Animalian.

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