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2:1117Seven months later by psto1464

Guilmon was just upstairs; taking a rest from tilling the gardens. “It's too soon!” You beg

2:679Yo Sea Dawg! by PaulShepherd

You see some shoes that resemble seal flippers. Of course you are curious enough to put them on to o

2:474Giant Deer by Catprog & Cubist

…you see it! It's as big as a horse; you powerdive down upon it, pleased at how easily your anthr

2:543Cast it by Catprog & Cubist

You cast and are rewarded when your body starts flowing. Slower than before, but not bad for a

2:843Moving on by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

You slowly make your way up the stairs, sniffing the air and looking around cautiously. Before you m

2:782Escape by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

With rending talons they swoop down upon you with murderous intent. You duck and weave between the

2:926Fennekin by SketchySeraph

The echoes of the door's closing reverberate around you, and you shiver in apprehension as you

2:111becomeing a full digimon by Racerboy

You see a bright light and you are blinded by it then you lose all memories of humanity and begin a

2:36Tiger by

You pick the tiger costume ,strip and slip it on.

The first thing to happen is the costume merge

2:942Press on by ShatteredBeginnings

You decide to press on. Sure things look the same now but you are sure that they’ll look a bit dif

2:71Time for Math! by Mr.Peaches

Your kitsune tails swish back and forth in an elegant dance, reminding you of Keaton from those Zeld

2:1023Explore The Town by HiddenFruit

You nod once, but take a quick glance to the Town. On the one hand, learning to steer your ship soun

2:358strength of spirit by leonmagus2

you try one more with your all your energy and managed to break it open as you get and realise that

2:82Darn Dragons... by Mr.Peaches

Above ground, there's a roaring, screeching heat and dragons going nuts. As all the lovely lady kits

2:376Gold Dragon by drakrrth

The glass room suddenly disappears, to be replaced by a thick forest.

You examine your new body, w

2:966In the mirror by grade-amasterpiece

You woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and a soft breeze blowing across your face.


2:871Nightmare by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

You freeze for a moment, unsure if there will be conflict. The wolves that hadn't noticed you n

2:1192Isn’t that a little bit cruel? by PrinceZahn

Girl, is that costume your first carnivore?” he asks you bluntly. “If you’re picky o

2:994Scream for Help by kelingking2

The moment you step outside is when you realized what the other bear meant with danger.

The spaces

2:365Rescue time! by Rikki

You started to bolt to the sources of those 2 screams. You are a bit speedier than you were before f

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