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2:1In a room by Catprog

2:361mission complete time for some R & R by leonmagus2

the dragons accept the terms and flew away instantly.

the second they are out of sight the castle

2:861Just barely getting by... by GameHero

You decide to take your chances in the woods, at least until you find a decent trainer. You don&apos

2:449Clean and freak out by Catprog & Cubist

You land next to the temple. Now that you are no longer hungry you are starting to freak out about

2:258You'll have to carry me by catprog

"You'll have to carry me" you tell her.

"Well ok then" she replies "Hop on to my back".

You do s

2:58Begin the adventure by

You find a digi-vice and a digi-egg.

You then find a door and go through. You find yourself in the

2:122Gomamon by Mr.Peaches

Why are you here? For what purpose was this seemingly infinite complex built? A game? A show?


2:567Allow him to help by Catprog & Cubist

"Yes," you reply with another, longer and more gaping, yawn. The damned necklace must have messed wi

2:585Experiments by Catprog & Cubist

You enter the room and begin your experiments. soon you have the spells written on the floor, the wa

2:713I would like to join the hunt by catprog + Dark Souls

'I would like to join the hunt" you say. He nods "One of the good things about that for yo

2:135Mohatu by catprog

As he says the name of the current king you nearly choke again.

"I am going to see the farther of

2:210RESCUE by catprog

You go into and grab the Leafmon and therefore causing the Monzaemonand to miss.

"Is there anywh

2:696"They numb you. Just take them. They help." by kergiby

"They numb you. Just take them. They help." You look into his eyes, bright yellow and glimmering wi

2:525Party time by Catprog & Cubist

You swim along, with numerous detours to look at interesting things which caught your attentio

2:1040Town Square by stellapurple

“Hey, do you need some help?” someone from behind you asks. You turn around to find a handsome m

2:884First Battle by GameHero

It was later when you first came across a Trainer. You'd stopped for a quick lunch break in the

2:363Sphinx by catprog

You find what looks like a 2 people sphinx costume.

You notice a zippier in the back which when un

2:876Your Persuer by marissalikesgreenday

"Go away. I have more important things to do than associate with you right now." You say, pumping yo

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