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2:553Birth by Catprog & Cubist

You keep shovelling the food in as you hope that the necklace will come off soon. And then… finall

2:917The Kiss by Lone Wolf

One night, you ran along with him along the beach. A full moon was in the sky, not different from

2:321And the world seems small.... by minerva

You notice a large fish swimming in a fish bowl suitable for a fish of a much, much smaller size. I

2:858Insane Regeneration! by GameHero

You slowly return from your dead drop into unconsciousness, picking up different things with your se

2:566Use the tail to tentacle by Catprog & Cubist

"If I do that, the cubs won't—aaargh!" and you shake your head to drive away (what you hope a

2:782Escape by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

With rending talons they swoop down upon you with murderous intent. You duck and weave between the

2:26Female Fictional Air by Catprog

You go through the door.

All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appear

2:879Maybe the shipwreck holds something interesting... by

You decide to head to the shipwreck. Perhaps it holds something of interest...

While on

2:679Yo Sea Dawg! by PaulShepherd

You see some shoes that resemble seal flippers. Of course you are curious enough to put them on to o

2:84On foot by Zodiac

You're able to easily climb around the rocks with your dragon claws. The mountains seem to go on end

2:96Ryan by Zodiac

The male centaur, whose name you learn is Ryan, takes you around the forest. He shows you the variou

2:846Guardian by Lokor and Kire Kitsune

Your position isn't safe so you flee once more for your life. The copters can be heard spreadin

2:275The Catching Temple by catprog

As you fall you pass through a ring and you feel a drop in your speed. You look down and notice a nu

2:608“Wait, your a costume wearer?” by Catprog & Cubist

“Wait, your a costume wearer?”

“I was, but when I found this one, I decided to stay with it.

2:467More Spells by Catprog & Cubist

You look over your body. Well if that spell couldn't return you to human, then you don't h

2:886a distant figure by J-B-Hickock

You stare at the distant figure curiously; who or what could it be? You beat your tail, and almost d

2:223Future shock by Won-Tolla

You sit down. Your head is spinning.

"I don't know, " you say.

"You know I'm from Earth, right?

2:1012To the Buildings by Picklessauce69

“The ship is probably compromised and we can’t make it all the way across the battlefield, the b

2:526Drunk casting by Catprog & Cubist

The nice man who give you that mug has most of your attention, but with your sensitive ears (m

2:916Fitting In by Lone Wolf

You came to learn a lot over the next few days. This world has many other humanoid animal races, fr

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