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1:45Learning by Cat

You try your new skill and you notice your hands are becoming paws. You begin to see fai

1:384Female Full by catprog

You change into a Female Full Vaporeon (add page to replace this one)

1:123Tiger ... Well half anyway by

With a sharp pain and a rip in your pants you grow a tail.

You watch in horror as fur

1:1060A job..? by Blueberries

You decide to forgive her.

An hour of barfing seeds allows you to stand. Your stomach is still the

1:670Run for your Bite-Sized Life by Chrysalis

There's a distinct shortage of tree above you; you got here from above, and now you wish you'd kept

1:1136Chakat by Picklessauce69

With a jolt, the waiting screen began to fade away quickly around you. The pixels of the open field,

1:288Oh, geez by Kenani

With the realization that you cannot talk all human intelligence is wiped from your brain and you be

1:918Slugged by catprog

After walking down the path it gives way and you find yourself in a hole filled with a slime-like su

1:939phoenix by zanian

Touching your face, you wondered if this was an unaffected zone, only to feel a beak; it seemed like

1:908Avoid the strangers by Jasan Quinn

For now, it seems your best course is to avoid anyone who might be dangerous. You keep low and use t

1:12Potion by catprog

You decide to grab a potion, but which one...

1:1043At Bath Time by Clayem

A few days pass by. At first, the newly transformed squirrel is pretty annoying and her dog is even

1:213You are standing in a lush green pasture. by Equine

As soon as you get over the fence, you begin to feel a bit nauseous. You walk a bit until a gut-wren

1:31You start to grow scales by catprog

You start to grow scales.

Although you can't tell what colour they are yet, they are spreading fa

1:1160Biology by Picklessauce69

"Were you able to find food?"

"Food?" You echo back, realizing that it had been the least of every

1:1074Female and no more selections by catprog

The screen pops up again. This time their is only a single choice on it.


You wait arou

1:1122Class(Priestess) by LunaMoonstone

A small yelp escapes you as you reach to the white robes and staff of the Priestess class that caugh

1:173And... by

Almost as soon as you are used to your new body the changes start again.

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