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1:922Follow the Raven Path by Jasan Quinn

You choose the path marked by the bird statue. At the first junction you pause, unsure where to go,

1:12513 Months by kamenriderfire

Over the next three months, Lowtar dotes on you always asking you if you are comfortable. He asks

1:195Hunt the children by Severok

Deciding that fresh pray would satisfy your thirst for the hunt and the hunger that now consumes you

1:1270Kitsune(Male) by catprog

You feel the magic enter your behind stretching it out into a number of foxtails.

“You are gi

1:880You DO look good in black! by

It's a small black choker.

You put it on. You immediately tingle with some sort of energy, bu

1:594Friends by catprog

As you sit in shock at what just happened another rat comes up to you.

"Did you get got by the blu

1:616What now? by Daizy

Your body elongates and the feathers melt into fur. You shrink.



And you ha

1:1177Into the cave by Picklessauce69

“Oh good... I’ve always learned to just go into caves when I find them!” You think bitterly, g

1:661Looking around by Hnhn

You decide to wonder around and see if you can find a way to change back back. You trot back to the

1:982No by Martin Prance

1:604the vines by haladur

You approach the vines. Suddenly they shoot out and grab a hold of one of your legs.

You try to pu

1:560"I have seen the future and it is... pink??" by Won-Tolla

With a lot of splashing around your feet (paws, whatever) find solid ground, and after groping a bit

1:1023Under the Umbrella by Clayem

You sit up and open your mouth, but nothing comes to your mind. Oops, seems like you have forgotten

1:435Enter Narrator by Zodiac

You hear a disembodied voice instruct you: "In a moment, you will be taken to the final stage of you

1:1139In the morning by Picklessauce69

"Wake up, wake up!" A loud, demanding voice pounded down from above in hard, bursting phrases until

1:1162Treasure Box by Picklessauce69

"God... Fuck.... I don't know...." You take in a shuddering breath. The pads of your paws are star

1:1106A passphrase comes to mind. by ouroboros666

The memory strikes you: the first scalding breath of air to revive a drowning man.

“Men grip a s

1:283The Giant Fox is talking to me! by underdrag

"Hold up a minute now!" it says with an English accent. "I'm not gonna eat ya, I just wanna talk tha

1:648You start walking... by Another Author

You decide to explore the jungle. You walk carefully over fallen branches, step through giant roots

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