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1:717game of change by

You decide to purchase a board game called "Game of change"

You take the box to the counter and th

1:1197status quo by AnxiousRomeo

You have no idea what to do to "learn to accept yourself", and therefore you just settle for a comfo

1:674This is why you shouldn't make hippos at home. by Chrysalis

All right, now you're angry. You haven't been in this village for even three minutes, and they've al

1:570Magic Marker by catprog

You spot a black marker on the shelf and you grab it.

You start to draw animal pattens on there fa

1:665Not so fast. by Chrysalis

You press the button marked OPEN. The screen goes blank for a second. When it comes back, there's no

1:258The Changes Continue (Taur) by

You suddenly fall over and try and stand up but find this impossible as your hips shift

1:1160Biology by Picklessauce69

"Were you able to find food?"

"Food?" You echo back, realizing that it had been the least of every

1:526Male Full by

Male Full

1:504Looking around by Zodiac

You browse the long rows of odd-looking plants. Nothing really appears all that interesting, until y

1:538Maybee a way back? by catprog

"Hang on" the wizard says suddenly coming back and interrupting your mopping.

"What?" you snap a

1:4411 by hypobonix

you go to the first realized that you must have been in the opens and it i

1:664The Controls by Chrysalis

You look at the capsule, trying to find a button marked "open," or something of the sort. Apparently

1:397Soaring by Vanghar

Experimentally, you spread your wings out and flap them, noticing your body lifts slightly.


1:1126Go After Larger Prey by ShatteredBeginnings

You decide to go after larger prey. Though it could be tougher to get you feel fairly confident that

1:72The strange structure by WiKy

You find yourself in Atlantis. It is a strange looking place. A Merman comes up and stare at you in

1:41lsdfkj by Katie

He speaks a different language.

You try hard to improvise with sign language and the native realiz

1:975Suspiciously by Martin Prance

1:108Air by

You go through the door.

You step out into open air.

You try to get back to the door but to your

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