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1:149Unicorn (HYBRID) by Bro

The changes begin.

When there finished you notice that you're half-unicorn and half-human. Meaning

1:1237Bargin by kamenriderfire

You look up to them tears in your eyes. Still recovering from your quick fall, you say in a small br

1:193The hunt by Severok

With your new senses you can see through the night as if it were day. You feel an overpowering insti

1:1087Hesisate and get one assigned by catprog

You hessisate and a name comes into your head "Annipe" you say.

The queen nods "Daughter of the Ni

1:1150Sacrifice by Picklessauce69

"Mistress! Queen of Demons and Spiders! Lolth! I bring thee a sacrifice!" she hollered, her voice no

1:1221Rogue by LunaMoonstone

In terms of clothing, the only thing this class seems to offer is a simple hooded tunic and some com

1:401And Also Truth, and the American... urf? by Mr.Peaches

   "To me, justice is important," you say to the mist. "The good guys get rewarded, t

1:173And... by


Soon you are a full triceratops.

1:927A random character by catprog

Apparently you had selected the random option. And now that you are in the game you can't find any o

1:1031Out In The Wild by Clayem

Before you know it, you are out the front door and running down the road to the village. You pass v

1:21Hunting by Cat

You notice a large antelope and your stomach grumbles. You decide to hunt the antelope and start a w

1:48Land by catprog

You realise you are becoming a myth creature of the land, but which one?

1:492That was a bad idea by Zodiac

Okay...of all the doors in the whole lab, The Grafting Lab door is probably the single worst door yo

1:1114Back to the tree by Elliott-Moose

You waddle back to the tree, but that’s as far as your stumpy, misshapen legs will take you. You w

1:285What's that I smell? by ty

You find the fur spreading, your hands becoming paws and your feet doing the same.

The shopkeeper

1:627Wizard Worshiper? by catprog

"So how does someone become one of my worshippers anyway?" you ask.

"Well. You just have to get th

1:388Female Humanoid by catprog

You change into a Female Humanoid Vaporeon (add page to replace this one)

1:1318Begin Quest by LunaMoonstone

A flash of light from the screen temporarily blinds you as soon as you press the button. When your

1:1133Something Doesn’t Smell Right by ShatteredBeginnings

A soft snort comes from you when you scent something else on the wind. Immediately you get to your p

1:1084You Like It by SketchySeraph

You nod eagerly, cooing quietly. Quill sounds nice; it sounds more than nice! It almost rolls off th

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