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1:877What can I say? I'm a landlubber! by

You decide to head for land. Maybe you can figure out where the heck you are!

As the water gets sh

1:247More Changes by

Suddenly you fall on to your hands. You try and stand up but can't get back 45 degrees.

1:411Door 2 by catprog

You have chosen the female satyr door

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1:1115Sleep by Elliott-Moose

You fall asleep, head tucked under your tail to keep the sunlight away. It’s a remarkably deep sle

1:1046But the Transformation Isn't Done With You Yet by SketchySeraph

You shudder as you realize that your body still aches, that your every nerve still tingles with the

1:19Transmogrify by Cat

You notice that the sun is going down and the moon is coming up.

You then notice you

1:1120Class(Knight) by LunaMoonstone

The broadsword sitting next to the metal armor is life sized, and as you reach to confirm your selec

1:918Slugged by catprog

After walking down the path it gives way and you find yourself in a hole filled with a slime-like su

1:909The Next Morning by Jasan Quinn

You are woken from a deep, dreamless sleep by the smell of a full English breakfast. The sound of si

1:624exploring the temple by werebeagle

As you explore the temple, you find some exits. one seems to go to a desert. all the other exits s

1:788 Charizard's Burning Ambition by Arete

Soon the shock of turning into a Charizard quickly turned into the familiar instinctual rage and bit

1:503No fury like a botanist scorned by Zodiac

"No," you say. "I'm not eating some disgusting mutant vegetables just to make your job easier." The

1:406The Elevator by Zodiac

You step into the elevator. You figure it'll at least give you more options. The doors snap shut beh

1:376Male Satyr by catprog

You change into a Male Ponyta Satyr

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1:1133Something Doesn’t Smell Right by ShatteredBeginnings

A soft snort comes from you when you scent something else on the wind. Immediately you get to your p

1:148Merman by

When the transformation is finished you realise that you're a merman.

1:1119Stance(Bipedal) by LunaMoonstone

Though some of the other options do seem intriguing, playing as a different gender and species is en

1:372Male Full by catprog

You change into a Male Ponyta

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1:382Changes continue. by Vanghar

Wearing your new wetsuit, you decide to go for a swim at the beach nearby. As you approach, the wate

1:977Through the Portal by Martin Prance

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