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1:433THAT was a mistake by Zodiac

Primates aren't characteristically bad jumpers, but honestly, staying a chimp was a dumb idea. You d

1:200Stinky by phjett

You see a tail forming...quickly it becomes apparent that it belongs to a skunk...

1:705evolve into an ogre by zane

You've decided to evolve from a small pathetic little Amoeba into some thing powerful. something pow

1:74Talk like a dolphin, eat like a dolphin? by WiKy

You try to say it but you can't. DOH! You are a Dolphin you can't talk, you can only make squeak

1:1012Look over your body by catprog

You look over your body. Each limb including the wings is easily controllable, despite the fact that

1:269One more change ... by

Then you feel the change start again.

You shrink down to the size of a pikachu and y

1:410Door 1 by catprog

You have chosen the male humanoid door

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1:143Rub the lamp Version 2 by

Just then, a huge puff of green smoke appears.

The smoke forms the shape of a humanoid, then fina

1:52Pull away saying no by Katie

You pull away saying no. You have no idea where the stranger would take you.

You grab your coconut

1:504Looking around by Zodiac

You browse the long rows of odd-looking plants. Nothing really appears all that interesting, until y

1:916Komodo dragon by catprog

You pick the Komodo Dragon one before paying and injecting it into yourself in the shoulder.



You wait for a brief moment and the game loads quickly.

You start in a open field with...

1:398Whodunnit? by Mr.Peaches

   You preen yourself experimentally as the sky fades linty grey and cool rain patter

1:577Nothing Else to Do by Chrysalis

You decide to follow the unicorn. You're in a strange place, in a strange body, with no explanations

1:888Let's get the lay of the land, er, sea! by

You decide to look over the reef. After all, you're a shark now. You might as well make use of it!1:415Door 6 by catprog

You have chosen the male taur door

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You Are caught by the large boy

1:1087Hesisate and get one assigned by catprog

You hessisate and a name comes into your head "Annipe" you say.

The queen nods "Daughter of the Ni

1:24A Blue Light by catprog

A blue light blocks everything else.

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