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1:854Lost Memories by Czar Lawrence III

"So Alex, tell me about your world." Gerod asks as the two of you sit down after finishing your me

1:47Air by catprog

You realise you are becoming a myth creature of the air, but which one?

1:624exploring the temple by werebeagle

As you explore the temple, you find some exits. one seems to go to a desert. all the other exits s

1:1024Of course! A chipmunk! by Clayem

You smile brightly and nod, which makes them laugh. They turn around and lead the way. You are care

1:660Panic by Chrysalis

You've already started trotting back towards the fence when you realize what you're thinking. Eat gr

1:78Fly by WiKy

No silly. Crocodiles can't fly...

1:980In the other world by Martin Prance

You are inside the lab, trying to activate the portal without turning on the lights. Any time the li

1:1233Find Work by LunaMoonstone

Knowledge may be power, but you also need to do something with that knowledge once you have it. You

1:1073Sphinx by catprog

You look back to the choose a character sign.

Underneath is a list of characters. The most promine

1:508Through the Door by Zodiac

You approach the door and open it, finding it heavier than you expected. You step into a short, poor

1:159Mermaid by

"As you wish" he said.

"Ok" you say.

You then start transforming.

When the transformation is

1:1367Radio by Merieth

A moment later, there was static coming out of the radio's speakers, followed by a very muffled broa

1:911Enter the Cave by Jasan Quinn

Slowly, you walk forward toward the cave entrance. The air inside the cave is cold and dry; the mud

1:1080Try and introduce yourself by SketchySeraph

Well, even if you're not human, you still should demonstrate some human manners; right? You do your

1:718Rules #1 by

You read the rules

1) at the beginning of every phase, everyone draws three cards, and discards to

1:915Injections by catprog

You walk over to a table where a number of syringes are.

"What are these?" you ask.

The wizard s


You Are caught by the large boy

1:856At Home by Catprog and Xodiac

Having nowhere else to go you head home. Luckily the shop is near your home and you don't need

1:40Walk towards the hill by Katie

You walk towards a hill to get a better view of the island. When you get to the top you see?

1:1241Lowtar by kamenriderfire

You look at Mordant; you can't believe he just hit on you like that. You look down awkwardly, you d

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