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1:1089Find others by catprog

You get the list of names and add it to your list of users. Somehow this part of the game is build i

1:1157Supprise Attack by Picklessauce69

Suddenly, before you have a chance to realize what's happening, you see a claw glint in the corner o

1:519Blue Square by

Male Centaur

1:494Centaur by Zodiac

"I'll just be a centaur," you say. You're not feeling the least bit bold right now.

"Excellent," t

1:846"Where am I, Gerod?" by Czar Lawrence III

"Where am I, Gerod?" You ask the griffon finally after a moment of silence. "I know you do not belie

1:554Gee, that's not obvious. by biffiea

"Well, that looks good" you think to yourself. You open the can of soda, and start to down it. It's

1:544Language Barrier by Won-Tolla

The unicorn speaks a single word. It sounds half like a neigh but the sound pattern is somewhat diff

1:7Trapped by Cat

You try and walk in your new form but trip over. You try again and go further before tripping. After

1:1084You Like It by SketchySeraph

You nod eagerly, cooing quietly. Quill sounds nice; it sounds more than nice! It almost rolls off th

1:1016Go Hunting by catprog

You stomach rumbles and you fly up to go and find something to eat, thinking the merchant will not a

1:1045 A Werewolf by SketchySeraph

You groan and hold a hand to your head, looking around at this unfamiliar landscape. You still aren&

1:714Off to See the Wizard by Chrysalis

Well, that's a relief. It's bad enough to be lost in the jungle with no way out; having to deal with

1:1093Try the course by catprog

"Anyway" he says "I think we need to see how you go on our course."

He opens a trapdoor. Down the

1:259Finshing Up by

You feel a change occurring and look down to notice that your tiger body is ,well absor

1:629First Night on Four Legs by Chrysalis

You stand there on four legs, panting after the breathtaking speed of the transformation. All your s

1:590Another... by catprog

From the bushes out comes another were-tiger.

"finally I have found another" it says "I have been

1:228Play the VR Game by

You find a pair of vr googles.

You put them on and you find yourself in a game, but which one?

1:1187Orange S by catprog

You slide the first slider to the S end. The moment you let go it locks into place and no matter wha

1:1021The Fall by Clayem

Well, since you are a bird, you might as well try to go on your quest for answers by flight. It's no

1:238Whats this? by Razortail

" what the heck?" you say under your breath starring at your arm. The fur has gotten thi

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