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1:123Tiger ... Well half anyway by

With a sharp pain and a rip in your pants you grow a tail.

You watch in horror as fur

1:398Whodunnit? by Mr.Peaches

   You preen yourself experimentally as the sky fades linty grey and cool rain patter

1:53And fall into the water again by catprog

You fall into the water again, your skin goes all rubbery and smooth.

You realise you're turning b

1:181The changes continue by

That quickly begins to change though as you feel the bones in your head starting to shif

1:920 hearing about his charity plans. by Ophelianime

Aren seems happy that you're curious. "Well, from what I've heard the education system in

1:414Door 5 by catprog

You have chosen the male satyr door

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1:513Just lion around by Won-Tolla

As you pad softly up the stairs you belatedly realize that you left your clothes at the store and wa

1:616What now? by Daizy

Your body elongates and the feathers melt into fur. You shrink.



And you ha

1:590Another... by catprog

From the bushes out comes another were-tiger.

"finally I have found another" it says "I have been

1:870A new Name by Catprog and Xodiac

“Oh! Oh, dear. It’s Launia! Do you wish to have a unicorn name or keep your old name?“

1:865Might as well have a drink! by

You walk over to the river. It feels surprisingly natural to walk like this. You feel like a cross b

1:880You DO look good in black! by

It's a small black choker.

You put it on. You immediately tingle with some sort of energy, bu

1:680You followed the path by Hnhn

You trot down the path. It runs parallel to the beach for a few miles but you are able to cover it

1:719A Romantic Moonlit Dinner by Chrysalis

"Oh yeah? Well, I found it first," you growl. Hunger is making you irritable - or maybe that's just

1:459no no dodo by hypobonix

1:849Resting by Czar Lawrence III

You pant heavily as you and Gerod fall to the ground, many miles from where you had started your f

1:932Ignore it by zanian

However, as you are looking around, wondering what is happening and why such a mechanism is presente

1:509Serum Thirteen by Zodiac

Charles fills a large syringe with Serum Thirteen, a disgusting brown sludge, and hands it to the sc

1:974Enthusiastically by Martin Prance

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