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To the structure emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You swim toward it, hoping it has an answer to your aching question.


The structure has a big opening - a doorway of sorts, but there is no door, it’s just open. You swim in, entering the weird building, and find that it is quite spacious. Not only spacious, in fact, but almost like an entirely new room.


You look around. It’s old and worn-looking, with collapsed columns and what appears to be the remains of a staircase and an upper floor. You can’t be sure, but it appears this room may have been above ground at some point before it somehow sunk. You’re fascinated - it looks almost alien to you, since you can’t place any of the architecture - what you can make out of its architecture - to any culture or civilization that comes to mind.


You float there for a moment, thinking about this, until your eyes are snagged further away - you blink and spy in the distance three statues - and from each, you notice a very faint glow, each a different color. You get closer and find that these statues appear to be large mermaid statues, each twice your size, and each looking somewhat different compared to the other.


The left hand mermaid has very short hair, and has her hands clasped together, as if she were in prayer. You see that there is a violet gem lodged into her belly button - it glows, just like the bracelet.


The middle mermaid has long hair, wavy and with a starfish - a real starfish - resting on it. Her hands her on her hips, and there is a red earring dangling from her left ear. This too is similar to the bracelet, glowing faintly.


Lasty, there is the right hand mermaid. She too has shorter hair and her arms are crossed, and you see that this statue has an eyepatch over the right eye - in the center of this is a golden stone, also glowing like the previous two.


You frown and recall that the chest only had two slots. One slot was for the green stone from the bracelet, that is now lodged there. But you don’t know which of these could be the other. All three are glowing somewhat, yet nowhere near as strongly as the bracelet had been gleaming, you note.


It seems almost possible that none of them are possible choices, but then why would there be three statues with gems that could work just looming here? It feels wrong to assume they’re incorrect, which means you need to figure out which one is the one that goes into the chest. You imagine one will work, while the other two won’t at all.


There are three options before you, and you now have to decide… which one do you want to pick?

Written by Hollowpages on 08 May 2019

The end (for now)
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