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You swim about, pondering your decision for a short period of time - perhaps five minutes, perhaps ten, you aren’t entirely sure. It could be either or, but, eventually you choose to go right. After all, the gloominess doesn’t scare you - you are a shark now, the predator of the sea!


You push yourself forward, swimming at a casual pace toward the gloom, finding yourself swimming lower and lower as you do. The water grows murky and dark, enough to give you some measure of pause since this is something you’re not at all used to doing, yet your vision adjusts as the seconds tick by. With this, you feel the weight of the water increasing - enough that your movement is slowed, but only a small fraction.


Eventually, you peer forward, and you do indeed come upon a shipwreck. Yet when you stop, you are stunned - it isn’t just one ship, but an entire graveyard filled with the wreckages of vessels as far as you can see. Some are so far out, they are dark shadows looming ominously in the distance.


Now is where you pause, wondering if it is too late to return to the coral reef.


This makes little sense, you note to yourself, and this whole scenario feels more like a dream than reality. After all, you’re breathing underwater because of gills, and you have become a shark-human from putting on a weird costume in a weird room.


But, you shrug, again reminding yourself that as a shark, you shouldn’t be afraid. So, you swim toward the nearest shipwreck, lowering yourself until you are inches from the massive, jagged maw. Wood poles are lodged into the dark ground below you, and the ship appears to be split into three sections. All three are open like shark mouths, and you cannot see into them - they are darker than anything you’ve ever seen before.

Written by Hollowpages on 26 April 2019

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