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Another chuckle. “In the sense you’re thinking, no.”


“Th-then… what are you?” Daniel asked. He was still freaking the hell out and wondered if he could make a run for it before the mass could… whatever it planned on doing to him.


Now, the mass sighed and shook its head. “I am not a living, breathing being such as yourself. Not truly. Rather, I live in a different way, as a sort of…” There was a pause and the eyes squinted, as if it was thinking. “…essence.”


Daniel furrowed his brow. “An essence?” His head throbbed, and he struggled to make sense of that term. His brain couldn’t come up with anything other than… “Like, a spirit?”


“Of a sort,” the mass said. It didn’t sound very convincing.


Daniel just stared at it with wide eyes. His heartbeat wasn’t any calmer, and if anything, he was even more confused now than anything - oh, he was certainly still freaked out, but the confusion was currently overriding the fear he felt.


The mass stared at him before letting out a very long sigh. “This will not get me anywhere, I see. Allow me to try and ease your concerns, so that we may speak properly, without you having the risk of a heart attack.”


At once, the shadowy humanoid mass began to smooth over; the darkness slipped away, and skin formed instead. Daniel blinked several times, watching in astonishment as the features became a mix of human and animal - soft gray fur formed from the head to toe of the mass, with white splotches at the hands, the feet, and the middle of the belly. The features remained feminine, however, including an obvious bust, and shapely hips.


Daniel watched the face shift the most, forming an almost anthropomorphic wolf face, still clearly feminine, however. And then, as if by magic, the shadowed mass was a half-woman, half-wolf being standing before him, naked, though the fur covered the breasts and the crotch areas, almost like underwear made out of fur. It even had a navel, settled at the center of shapely abdominal muscles.


His eyes shot up and down her form several times, a mix of shock and… perhaps a little more throbbing in his head. He shoved those away, and fixed his stare onto her eyes. They gleamed at him.


“Does this form suit you more?” it asked; its voice was a tiny bit less guttural, though still held a good amount of raspiness. It… or rather, she? - smiled again, showing off its pointed teeth. “You seem a little less nervous. In fact, you seem a bit intrigued?”

Written by Hollowpages on 17 April 2019

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