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You brace yourself and swim toward the one before you, the biggest. You feel it’s the most inviting one, with less of a chance for you to smash into something or for any part of it to collapse onto you - better safe than sorry, in your opinion.


The dark does not grow easier to see as you swim into the gaping entrance to the big ship, and you soon find yourself swimming in total blackness. Even squinting or blinking does nothing for you, and your vision doesn’t adjust very much. You are alone in the dark, swimming deeper into the unknown.


Something surges to your right, a swift movement, and you wheel around, but see nothing. You gnash your pointed teeth together almost instinctively - the sound echoes, reverberating around you, like an underwater burst of thunder.


You realize you have something of a defense mechanism to scare off any would-be problems. Then again, you wonder what else - or who else - could be down here with you? You don’t recall seeing anyone else when you first entered the strange room, nor when you were in the coral reef area…


Strange, you think, that there would be something else down here with you. You didn’t see any sealife before, or were they hiding from you? You hope that might be the case. You are certain this isn’t you being paranoid, even given the circumstances. Either way, you are on alert.


Something is - dare you say it - fishy, and you don’t care for it one bit.


Still, despite this uncertainty filling the pit of your stomach, you are curious about all this, far more curious than you ought to be, for sure. What could lay at the bottom of this shipwreck, if it even has a bottom? You can’t help but want to know, since there has to be some purpose for all of this - you tell yourself this and swim deeper, hoping that whatever you find doesn’t spell doom for you.

Written by Hollowpages on 28 April 2019

Both Swim Onwards

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