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You tell her no and that gets you more petting, her hands scritch-scritching under your chin as you close your eyes and savor the feeling. Your wings flitter as she continues to pet down your body, the last embers of doubt in your mind extinguished as a wave of happy complacency washes over you.


“That’s good. I knew I could count on you, my darling sphinx,” she plants a gentle kiss on your forehead, you get to sleep at your Mistress’s side tonight. And as she says that, your heart soars. You tell her you love her, she just smiles and leads you down the hall, you hold your tail high in the air. Behind a pair of ornately carved double doors is the Mistress’s bedroom, a spacious den lined with plum-colored carpet and a truly enormous round bed with plush red velvet sheets and gold-embroidered pillows. She reclines on the bed and you hop up next to her, smiling up at her as she strokes the feathers on your wings as you curl up next to her like the pet you have become, that you always have been.


You lay your head in her lap and she brushes your hair as sleep comes to you, colors dance in your head as you dream of an unfamiliar person. They’re crawling like a rat through the halls of Mistress’s home, clutching a golden ankh pilfered from her collection as you fly above them, claws extended as you close in on them. They turn to face you, eyes wide with cowardly terror as you make your move. With a swing of your might paw, they are struck down and their body explodes in a shower of golden sparks, abolished from existence entirely.


Life is good for a sphinx.

Written by feder on 23 April 2017

The end (for now)
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