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Hesitantly you open the door and stand aside so that he can enter.


He walks in the door. “Thank you Akane for hearing my offer.”
“Come in and have a seat.” You offer slightly baffled. The two of you sit down facing each other. “What do you mean have to have offer? What’s the catch?”


“There is no real catch you merely have to go the right place, perform the ceremony and become pregnant.”


“Why would I need to get pregnant!?” you shout angrily.


“You need an anchor to bond you entirely to being a kitsune vixen.”


“What of my memories?”


“You will of course lose those as you become entirely that vixen. Your personality and heart will remain as memories and experience don’t define you, you do. Would you like to see where changing to become permanent will happen if you like.” He looks to you expectantly.


Written by Tsunari on 17 November 2008

The end (for now)
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