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Thunder rumbled outside. There was a flash of lightning. Daniel’s eyes were fixated on the black mass as it seemed to swirl around rather abruptly, taking on an actual physical shape. He watched, his heart thudding heavily, as it took on a body - a body on four legs, it looked, with a mass the size of a bear or something just as big.


Daniel stepped back, his legs hitting the edge of his bed.


The mass remained on all fours, while the golden eyes continued to stare at him. The way the head was shaped wasn’t shaped like a bear, however, or even remotely close to humanoid. Daniel had to rub his eyes, because the mass looked almost… wolf-like. Then, the mass stepped forward, its eyes boring right through Daniel.


“You don’t listen very well, do you, pup?” the voice asked. It sounded thoroughly amused. “It must be human nature, I suppose.”


“What are you?” Daniel asked again, trying to make his voice less frightened-sounding - and failing at that.


Another deep, guttural chuckle. “This isn’t going to go anywhere without an answer, is it? Another human trait. Typical.”


The mass suddenly shot up, standing on two legs. It shifted around, the features slimming, and when Daniel blinked, he was suddenly looking at a humanoid shape instead of a big animal one - though the eyes stayed the same, and the head remained rather wolf-like in shape.


That was when Daniel saw something else: teeth. Pointed, gleaming teeth, currently bared in a toothy smile. Daniel’s throat went dry at the sight; he swallowed the nervous lump that formed in his throat, yet remained standing, remained as firm as he humanly could.


“To give you a complete answer would be very difficult,” the mass said, tilting its head to the side once more. “I’m not like anything you’ve seen before - your reaction is proof of that, and for good reason.”


Daniel’s mind was spinning, the gears turning at superhuman speed. He was trying to wrap his head around all of this, as difficult as it was. His lips twitched, and he wracked his brain for some sort of answer that would make sense. Nothing was coming to him - this thing sure as hell wasn’t a human, and it didn’t register as anything he could fathom. It was just some weirdly shaped, shadowy mass with golden eyes.


“A-are… Are you an alien?” Daniel asked. That was the first, most obvious thing that popped into his head.

Written by Hollowpages on 15 April 2019

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