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“Keep it together...” You whisper to yourself as you pace around the halls like a caged pet, looking for your prize so you may protect it...


No, that’s not right. You’re here to take the precious ankh, not watch over it like some sheepdog! You continue your search, forcing yourself to focus on the task at hand. In your search, you pass by the room with the desert painting. Something about the way the pyramids were rendered in delicate tan and golden expression strokes makes you feel nostalgic. For a moment you find yourself daydreaming about how nice it would be to visit Egypt once you sold that ankh for a huge chunk of cash. All that history, the arid heat all over you like Mother Bast’s embrace, the fear and wonder of travelers as they gaze upon you, a defender of the ancient lands and ward of the ancient spirits that rule in secret. Yes, you would make a fine gaurdian Sphinx and...


You shake your head, banishing the thought. No, there will not be a trip to Egypt! And there will not be any time spent as a gaurdian either! You’re a free... whatever you’ve become, not some watchdog whose only purpose in life is to give riddles and eat grave robbers. Riddles, now those are fun. You chuckle in a catty, unmistakably feminine way as you think up a good one, a real brain teaser, yes sir.


Wednesday, Tom and Joe went to a restaurant and ate dinner. When they were done they paid for the food and left. But Tom and Joe didn't pay for the food. Who did?


You giggle as you repeat it to yourself, oh you are a clever sphinx yes you are... are not! You are not a sphinx, clever or otherwise! You keep insisting this to yourself over and over as you make a turn past the dining area, but each time you feel less and less convinced. You look around you and a kitten-like whimper escapes your lips. You’ve gotten yourself lost, and you still haven’t found the thing! The... You sigh and flick your tail as you rack your brain for the word. It was right on the tip of your tongue, something gold and shiny... Something about Egypt...

Written by feder on 07 April 2017


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