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Seconds tick by, and you swim ever onwards.


You swear you see something else moving out of the corner of your eye, but again it is far too fast, and far too dark for you to be certain. You bring your teeth together, as hard as you can, and hope this is enough to get whatever it is by you away. Again, you aren’t sure if it’s an actual living thing, or if it’s your senses playing tricks on you.


You feel a bit of nervousness at the possibility you are not alone, that you could be in some sort of danger. But, you press on regardless.


By now, you feel that you must be a league below where you began, or somewhere close to that, since you don’t recall the exact definition for getting super deep into water - you begin to wonder if you were foolish to come down here, that you may be lost in these black depths until…


But before this thought can finish itself, your attention is grabbed: the strange bracelet you found when the transformation was completed is glowing!


It is emanating a faint green light, not quite emerald-green, but still very lovely to look upon. You stare at it as you float there, wondering what it means. Is it a sign? Is it dangerous? Is it cursed? You start to swim forward, only for the glow to fade. You stop once more and move your arm, and you realize that the bracelet’s glow brightens or dims depending on where you’re pointing it.


You move your arm to the right, and the glow fades, until you are aiming it back toward where you came - or where you THINK you came, anyways, since it’s behind you - and the glow is gone entirely. You move it left, however, and it brightens.

Written by Hollowpages on 30 April 2019

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