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The palm trees around you appear barren beyond their big green leaves. You decide to push a bit on, while you keep your eyes peeled for any sort of food.


You consider the possibility you could leave the path and branch out into the trees. The trunks are thick, but there are enough gaps for you to squeeze through if you do desired.


You decide against it, however. It feels safer to keep on an actual path, rather than risk getting lost in the jungle that appears to be this island.


A few minutes seem to trickle by.


Your stomach continues to gurgle, loud enough it feels like it can be heard for miles. If there are any animals or living things about, you imagine the guttural noises your stomach is making will drive them away, but you don’t pay this much mind. You just keep searching for something edible, anything, really.


At last, you come to a strange split among the path - the trees split open, forming a circle of sorts, and within the circle are smaller palm trees. You first venture left a little, to check and see if it is two paths or one - you find it is one, and that for whatever reason, there’s just a random circle of trees in your midst.


You look up at the trees. Then, you see: there are coconuts in them!


Your gut practically roars in approval at this, and you lick your sharpened teeth. Your mouth waters. You are hungry, and right now, you aren’t going to deny yourself some food, even if you aren’t a huge fan of coconut.


You go to the nearest tree and try to climb it. Your slipper-like feet and odd new hands, however, cannot get a very firm grasp.


You try once to jump, but end up falling on your rump.


You try a second time to encircle your arms around it and climb, but you aren’t able to propel yourself up with enough force. You don’t feel as strong on land as you do underwater.

Written by Hollowpages on 15 May 2019

Both Bite the tree

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